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July 21, 2019: Campground wait

Pete arrived back in camp last night at 5:30 p.m. and began regaling me with stories of his hitchhiking experiences. I was envious because I had remained behind. We immediately decided to head to Afton, Wyoming and there regroup, showers, a restaurant meal, and checking email being priority items.

We are, the day after tomorrow, heading to Butte, Montana where we’ll have the local veterinarian do horsey health checks and do the initial paperwork to travel through Canada. We’ll then drive to Helena, Montana where the federal veterinarian office will okay this paperwork. After, we’ll drive north of Helena and do a final pack trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area.

Last night was epic. We packed up then headed in the direction of Afton, down a dirt road – Pete could go no more than 15 miles per hour because the road was so bumpy. On our left, was the Greys River – it widened and got larger as we followed it. Anglers stood in the current, casting lines. On our right, cows stood to the side of the road, eating browse. We sped up some upon going through a ranch resort area because, of course, the road here had been graded. Made me think that those who are rich think that all dirt roads are smooth. Think again you fother muckers.

crap found in at the campsite
Crap found in at the campsite

We stopped at a convenience store, by now it was well after dark. We got water – the clerk was really out of it – thus getting water took some time. We arrived in Afton, found the rodeo grounds, found a round pen, got the horses out, fed and watered them. Dinner, ugh, crackers and cheese. I crawled into the back of the truck. Pete checked his email – he is worried about state budget cuts. He is wondering if he will have a job this fall. I told him that if we were home, he’d be caught up in the ongoing drama.

This morning, we arose and saw that the rodeo grounds are being readied for the upcoming rodeo. The grounds have been meticulously tended to, and the grass, irrigated by the sprinklers, is a bright green. Yes, there were showers – the hard working crew had just cleaned the bathrooms. I could barely believe my timing – had I taken a shower earlier, I would have had to deal with skanky environs. I am surprised that I have yet to get foot fungus. Next trip, I’m bringing sandals. Maybe I should wear my rubber boots in the shower. And a raincoat, in this way keep the cooties off.

We walked to town after doing chores – stopping at a nearby café to get breakfast. We immediately told the waitress that we wanted hot water for our tea – and that of course we’d pay for it. She obliged, but as she set down our cups she said that we must be from New York City. I said no, we were from Alaska and doing a horse pack trip, but thanks for the complement. I then realized that what she said was not a complement – most likely the customers from the city are the most pushy. Oh oh. Well, she kept her distance from us. But I must say, breakfast was excellent.

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