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July 8, 2019: Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye

It was a very leisurely morning. The clinic was over, so neither Susan nor I had to be in the arena at 8 a.m. I got up with the sun, and did what in my life is routine. I fed, watered, and cleaned up after Tyra, then fed, watered, and cleaned up after me. Pete, I am sure did the same thing, Raudi and Hrimmi being back with him in Saratoga.

I scored the best pen for Tyra – that is the one on the corner. People passing said hello to her and vice-versa. And she had a horse buddy on the far side of the enclosure.

Early on, I said goodbye and thank you for hosting the clinic to Anna, who owns the farm. We had spoken briefly in passing during the clinic – I liked her. She had the

Alys on Tyra
Alys on Tyra

best interest of her boarders and her interest at heart. I also said goodbye to her roommate – I wish I’d gotten her name – I also talked at length with her.

This morning Susan cleaned her trailer thoroughly – I am afraid that I leave crumbs and dust behind – and then held her horse Huckleberry as the chiropractor did some body work. I had considered having her adjust Tyra, but the body worker did not explain what she was doing or why. If someone is going to work on my animal, I want to be in on it. I also want to know their credentials. Susan wasn’t sure what this woman’s credentials were. It’s like ordering a special sauce in a restaurant – ingredient listing, please.

Then it was time to leave. Susan loaded Huck into the trailer. She presumed that Tyra would hop right in next to him. She presumed wrong. Tyra just stood there. Susan said that she was stubborn. No, I said, she’s just thinking about what to do. She’ll get in when she feels like. A few minutes later, Tyra clambered in and began eating her hay.

It was a fun ride back to Saratoga. We stopped at a tack shop and there I purchased two stirrup straps. I’d lost one at the Corral Creek Campground. Then we stopped at a second tack shop. There I got a really good deal on horse Easy Boots – Tyra’s size boots for half price. I didn’t know they were half price and was going to pay full price. I also purchased a muck bucket and a second helmet. You can never have too many helmets.

Once on the home front, Tyra was greeted with considerable enthusiasm by Raudi and Hrimmi, who both whinnied excitedly when they saw her, and then raced around, kicking up considerable dust. It was obvious to me that they were glad to be back together. Undoubtedly I caused Tyra considerable stress by removing her from the herd, but I must say, she did handle it all quite well.

There was another hail storm early this evening. Blankets went on, and then when it was over, blankets came off, much to the chagrin of Susan, who I could tell, was ready for us to leave. Tomorrow, I told the horses, tomorrow we’ll again take up the semi-nomadic lifestyle.

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