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June 26, 2019: Administrativa

On the road again. Yesterday we first went to the adjacent town and talked with two Forest Service employees- one a very socially adept woman who called herself Mom. I was most appreciative of the fact that she included me in on the conversation – most usually lock eyes with Pete and talk about map particulars. The other was a handsome, but relatively quiet fellow who was obviously learning the ropes.

We inquired about the Green Mountain area north of Rawlings. The woman’s advice was that we drive to Rawlins and talk with BLM officials since the Saratoga office was out of their jurisdiction. We next went to town (Saratoga) spent time in the mineral springs and there got showers and did our laundry. And while

Galen traveled light
Galen traveled light

doing our laundry we took advantage of the free Wi Fi. After, we purchased six bales of hay from the local feed store.

Saratoga is located on the Platte River, which is now running fast and high. I pointed out to Pete that the banks across the river from the hot springs had been sandbagged, so as to protect adjacent properties.

We felt pretty smug as we headed to Rawlins because we’d done three quarters of our chores in Saratoga, in a very efficient fashion. I was most pleased because this cut down on the amount of time the horses would have to spend standing in the trailer.

After, we headed over to the Rawlins Rodeo Grounds. It was befitting of Rawlins -the grounds are surrounded by a chain link fence, and the air smells industrial, no surprise, there is a very large refinery in the area. At the distance is the strip mall – the McDonalds arches are prominent.

The rodeo ground itself was actually a small oasis. The panel enclosures were relatively clean, and there was a shelter area, picnic tables, and out buildings close by. I was also appreciative of green grass.

In checking out the grounds we talked with a teenager who was lounging on the grass and playing with her eight week old Australian Shepherd puppy. She was into horses, and after talking further, she told us that there was going to be a BCHA ride in a few days’ time, over in the Green Mountain Falls area near encampment. After we mentioned that we’d like to do this ride, she gave us contact information.

We shared our picnic table space with an older fellow who was doing the Great Divide bicycle route. Galen was in rough shape because, as he freely admitted, he had exerted too much energy in attempting to keep up with the youngers, who were racing the route.

I pitched the tent on a flat, grassy expanse. Once in bed, I envisioned a good night’s sleep. This was not to be. At about 1 a.m. about a dozen or so sprinklers popped out of the ground and the water pummeled the tent. We’d been through this before, on a bicycle ride 30 or so years previously on the California coast. Pete got up and attempted to put zip lock bags over the sprinklers, as he had back then. This didn’t work because, as he surmised later, the sprinklers are now more high tech. So instead, we both moved the tent onto a concrete walkway, a distance from the sprinklers. Smart bicyclist – he’d simply moved his body bag tent onto a picnic table and went back to sleep.

Today we woke up to sunshine, and because it was warm and windless, lollygagged, all the while listening to Galen regale us with stories about his Continental Divide Ride misadventures. We then packed up and headed to Rawlins where we took care of more administrativa.

We spent considerable time in the BLM office, and with their assistance we decided that we’ll next do some riding in the Green Mountain area, and perhaps meet up with the BCHA riders. We were further assured that the wild mustangs, who keep to themselves, would not bother us – a relief since we are travelling with three mares.

Meeting up with the other riders – this is our plan. In the meantime we’d head on over to the Corral Campground area, near encampment, and do some more day rides.

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