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June 11, 2019: Meteorological Holding Patterns

We had a good ride today. We got going at 11:15 a.m., which was a bit late. This must have something to do with our biological rhythms – this is the time at home when we become more active. In other words, it takes us a few hours to get going. Could be because we are not coffee drinkers. This tends to speed things up a bit.

We also took care of the usual minor details, such as feeding ourselves and the horses, and cleaning up after them. Pete purchased a new manure fork yesterday, and it was fun trying it out. It is good for getting manure out of sand. The rake and shovel work well on the firmer ground. I call Pete the tool using animal – I am after 33 years – now picking up on his obsession with finding the right tool for the right job.

Hrimmi is introduced to the pack saddle
Hrimmi is introduced to the pack saddle

I’ve been feeling like we’re in a holding pattern here – the more days we put in doing day trips the less likely we’ll encounter snow in the high country, which is when we are on our pack trips.

Today, another excellent ride, this one mostly in the open areas. To get from one open area to the next we had to go through dense brush and drop down and climb up steep canyons. This meant we had to pick our way through dense brush and some boulders. And, no surprise, there were mud bogs at the base of the canyons. Mud Bogs make me nervous. Unfortunately, Hrimmi and Tyra pick up on this and balk. But, fortunately, Raudi does not. She, when we come to such areas, looks back at all and in her own horsey way says “we’re going!” And we all follow suit.

Hrimmi is still diving for grass, Raudi is still bargy. And Tyra is still jumping for joy at the prospect of going down hills. Pete is a bit frustrated with Hrimmi and Raudi. This then, is why these day trips are such a good idea.

Aside from the head bobbing, which is accompanied by small rears, Tyra is doing just fine – I am not frustrated with her. Today, I was able to ride her a distance from the other horses and she made no move to bolt in their direction. This is impressive because I have taught the three to work as a team, and as such, to stay close. She’s also drinking the most water of the three.

Ryder is also doing quite well – she didn’t get much exercise on the trip down to Wyoming, so she’s enjoying now getting out and stretching her legs. We do have to keep her on the leash when riding because she now chases ATVs and dirt bikes.

We again set up the electric fence again this evening. We most likely won’t take it on our trek because it’s bulky and takes time to set up.

Pete put Hrimmi’s pack saddle on her and discovered that the double cinch is too short. Oh oh. This is a problem. Tomorrow he’ll go to Laramie and see if he can find a new one. The alternative is to have Raudi be the pack horse. I’m concerned about the pack saddle fitting her.

It’s late. A gray cloud cover is rolling in. The horses are in their corrals. They don’t have a shelter. The question is, should I put their rain blankets on them? Pete says they might be too warm if we put them on. I’m going to see what the storm does. If it moves in our direction, I’ll lobby to blanket them.

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