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June 5, 2019: The Days are Flying By

We made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming today, something that I did not believe would happen. We were so entrenched back in Alaska that I thought last winter that getting here would be an impossibility. This place is a long, long ways from where we live. But here we are, hanging out in a beautiful ranch house.

By all rights we should now be out on the trail, doing a lengthy pack trip. Heck, Felipe who is doing a long ride, left Fairbanks, Alaska on May 17 and has now covered well over a hundred or so miles. We have not yet started on a continuous ride. I’m not complaining because we are now in the company of our beloved and dear friends, CJ and Dave. It was worth

Alys and Hrimmi in front of Dave and CJ's place

the long, long drive so as to spend time with them. It doesn’t seem at all like it’s been five years since our last visit.

Pete and I pulled into the driveway on Kurt Gowdy Lane yesterday afternoon. Our friends’ place looked the same. We got out of the truck and CJ ran out to greet us. She looked the same, we looked the same. Five years, I thought, is not that much time. But ten years, that would be pushing it. We ate dinner and talked and talked and talked, the conversation moseying along like two lovers on a winding path. And we put the ponies in the pen across the road. Raudi had been here before – she immediately felt comfortable and so did Tyra and Hrimmi.

This morning Pete and I reorganized all the incidental and non-incidental items in what we now call the Mobile Squalor Holler. This of course brought to mind our veterinarian’s travelling unit, which he calls the Mobile Moose. We went through everything and figured out what we’d need when going on a more lengthy pack trip.

In the next few days we’ll head on over to the Blair-Wallace Recreation area, known to locals as the Happy Jack area. It is located halfway between Cheyenne and Laramie. We spent time there five years ago, shortly after Mr. Siggi passed – we did the Happy Jack endurance ride and day treks. We’ll again do some day treks. This, we are thinking, will be good for the horses who will benefit from the conditioning work. We’ll also pack up Hrimmi and get her used to carrying a pack saddle – something that she has not yet done. We are also going to Laramie, and there will talk with Forest Service folks about our proposed route. I have my fingers crossed that there is not much snowpack between Encampment and Steamboat Springs. I am still wanting to do a more continuous ride.

After organizing we went to Cheyenne and got the truck oil changed and had the tires rotated. While we were waiting to have this done we went into a western wear shop on the main street where Pete purchased some heavy duty riding pants and some spoons that hold loose tea.

We next went to Murdoch’s, a farm and ranch supply store. Here we purchased electric fence posts and more electric wire. We also picked up a new dog harness for Ryder (we left the other one at home) and materials to make a longer leash for ponying Ryder and another lead rope.

The high point of my day occurred at Sierra Trading Post. Here I found a pair of lightweight cotton pants – the cost $ 3.50. They’re cotton, beige in color – they are going to get dirty easily. Ahh, but they’re so comfortable.

Tomorrow Dave is going to work on Tyra’s saddle and as well give Pete an assist in fitting the pack saddle to Hrimmi.

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