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January 15, 2019: Maintenance Day

Winter break ends for Pete tomorrow, so this means it also ends for me. It went by far too quickly. It did us good; we’re both feeling energized. Tomorrow is going to be a full day for us both, which is why today was what I call a maintenance day. Actually, it was a partial maintenance day since we both took care of so many things over break.

Pete attended a union meeting that took the form of a conference call this morning. I worked on my Gift of a Good Ride proposal. We finished with both things at about the same point in time. After lunch, we gave Tinni his joint supplement; then, as I was finishing up cleaning the horse pen, Pete took the digging bar and broke

Pete on Tinni before ride

up the ice in front of the chicken coop. I was having a hard time getting in there. I cleaned out the chicken roost as he did this. Then Pete trimmed the goats’ hooves as I held them. Amazingly, there was no resistance on Ranger’s part. Finally, after many years, he just sees this activity as being a part of a routine. I also gave both goats treats as Pete worked.

We next walked down to the Playground of Higher Learning and Pete assisted me in building an agility obstacle, a narrow gap. One side is a snow berm. The other consists of two barrels, on tires. We then put a jump pole across the top of tires.

There was one outdoor chore left. Pete trimmed Raudi’s hooves, which actually look pretty good. She stood quietly as he worked, eating hay.

Done, it was time to play. Pete took Ryder and did a bicycle ride on the trails. I badly wanted to go, but instead I chose to interact with the horses. I first did agility with Tyra – she did very well – has the advanced January course down. Then I got Tyra out. I rode my fat tired bicycle and had her accompany me. She did okay, not great in walking beside me. She did better when I let her off lead. It just doesn’t feel right to her to be left behind, which is why she does so good at targeting. After, I did the same with Hrimmi. Oh my dog – Hrimmi did amazingly well – she walked beside me when I rode the bicycle and then cantered beside me when I let her off lead. These activities were so good for both these young horses – they most definitely get a chance to own their own movement.

I finished up at about the same time Pete got home. It was by then about 4 p.m. and the sun was low in the sky. We had just enough time to go for a horseback ride. Pete rode Tinni and I rode Raudi, first on Siggi’s Loop and then on the road loop. The old and the middle aged pros did wonderfully – they moved at a good clip, and like their riders, really seemed to enjoy their outing.

It was a great way to spend the last day of winter break. Spring break will be here in no time. Intimations of it were in the air today.

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