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May 28, 2019: A Long Day

The human mind is such that it accustoms itself to routine. When travelling, it organizes the day’s activities into a logical and orderly and efficient fashion. At least, it is when travelling when this makes itself most apparent.

When we started our trip, we were neither efficient nor organized. We didn’t yet know where anything was, or where to put stuff so that we’d know where to find it. We were like an old beater truck with seven cylinders. However, we have since become a newer truck, running on two cylinders.

We woke up this morning in Todd’s RV Park. We packed up, took Tyra over to the checkout area, said several quick goodbyes, and headed on down the road.

Cynthia meets Tyra

oday then, we were off to our usual 10:30 a.m. start. We drove through the Okanogan Valley, me repeatedly turning the air conditioner on and off and on and off and on and off because it was really hot out.

We stopped at the town of Oliver Information Center, which is now routine, and talked with the clerk for some time about Historic Route 17, which we were following and then the Okanagan Trail. Me, I’m seriously considering riding the Trans Canada Trail next year.

We crossed the Canada/US Border today. The first officer asked us about our plans – we said that we were going on a pack trip and he smiled. Then he had us pull over and the agricultural inspector did a visual check of our horses—yes, Hrimmi still had her big spot. And, fortunately, Raudi and Tyra had not acquired spots.

Finally, we had Internet service. So I emailed my good friend Rae who lives in BC and I put a bug in her ear about riding with me next year on my long trek. She immediately replied and said perhaps, but she does not have a horse. I emailed her back and said that I have three. I have not heard back from her. We’ll see.

The afternoon drive was quite scenic, we drove through Kettle Falls, Republic, and Coleville, where our old friends Vicki and Mike now live. We would have looked them up, but our immediate destination was Spokane, WA. We drove through the city proper, first through the more prosperous area, and then through the less prosperous area. I could only wonder what the horses thought as they saw a mural that preceded a tunnel, one with two sets of painted eyes. The pupils of one contained skeletons.

Finally, after missing Road B and arrived at our good friend Tom and Cynthia’s place. El (sister) came racing down the driveway to greet us. She was properly awed by our large trailer, which looks larger when it’s in motion. And she was even more awed when we opened the windows and the horses all stuck their red heads out and greeted her.

We released them into a large pasture with some grass. They immediately saw Cynthia’s horses but paid them no mind. And Ryder, always a good doggie diplomat, greeted the three household heelers and then went about her business.

We were treated to a wonderful meal, and Pete and I then took up residency in our temporary shelter, an old camper. El was to sleep on the porch, next to a sunny window.

Tomorrow, our routine will differ. We are low on hay. We’ll get more. And after, we’ll head in the direction of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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