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May 25, 2019: Another Day is Another Day

Last night we stayed at the MacKenzie Rodeo Grounds. I saw a wooden sign coming into town that said “Rodeo Grounds,” and so we found ourselves driving along a narrow dirt road – we were worried that there might not be a turnaround area, so I did recon by getting out and walking. The rodeo grounds turned out to be a large grassy area with a water tower at the distance. There were also poles, pipes, and the remnants of a chain link fence in the center area.

We decided that this had to be it, so we highlined the horses in a grove of small trees next to the actual grounds. And we parked the truck and trailer beside the tied up horses. It was getting late so we slept in the back of the truck. We made a good decision because it was a very windy night. I was not too worried about the horses because they were in a sheltered area.

Alys at Mackenzie Rodeo Grounds
Alys at MacKenzie Rodeo (and music festival) Grounds

This morning I work up early and proposed to Pete that we go for a trail ride, to which he agreed. We went further down the dirt road than we had gone by truck. We crossed a bridge, went past an unoccupied cabin with an outhouse. It was a very good ride. I rode Tyra who again was very cooperative. Later, we looked at a town kiosk and learned that the trail we were riding on was actually a loop. I wish we had continued on.

After the ride it was business as usual, it was a monotonous ride, which culminated at the Williams Lake Rodeo Grounds. They have a stampede/rodeo here every year, there is a racetrack at the center of the grounds. And there were geese wandering around the infield.

The association president, a bouncy, bubbly woman, overcharged us for our night’s stay, I think an additional $10.00 per horse. I discovered this as I was reading a notice on the entrance sign. Pissed me off. In fact, some other horse travelers passing through town were staying in adjacent rodeo pens, which they told us were free. This sort of thing doesn’t happen often to us; in fact, it’s usually the reverse. So I am just going to call this luck of the draw.

What’s most important is the horses were safe and in a clean pen.

My big discovery today: I started picking and feeding the horses roadside dandelions. Then I began putting them in their water, which they drank more readily. Got to keep them hydrated. Dandelions are also a seasonal delicacy for horses.

It is not going to be a good night’s sleep because we are parked close to the grounds floodlights. We both thought today was Sunday, but it was actually Saturday. This is how out of the loop we’ve become. We don’t have internet access, so this too has contributed to our confused state of mind. This is not such a bad thing. In fact, I think that it’s a good thing.

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