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May 15, 2019: Almost Ready

Almost ready to go. I don’t suppose that there is anything but, meaning that you are not ready to go before you leave a place because there is always something else to do. Always. I could easily spend another week just dinking around here, taking care of small things. For example, right now I’m eyeballing the sock bin (no kidding) I could easily match them up – yep, but no, this is not going to happen.

It was close to being an ideas day – I am now envisioning a new cartoon series, one called The Spoon Family. I might do drawings on the drive down to America and back. And maybe I will find a publisher for these cartoons. I got this idea as I looked at a student assignment at the college – the students had to do a three-dimensional project using spoons. This got me wondering, what would I do if I had to do this assignment? This is when I came up with the idea of a series of drawings.

It may be time for me to take a drawing class or two at the college. The past few years I’ve been heavy on the sciences. I think that now I am finally well rounded.

We managed to do agility with the three horses today. Putting one foot and then the other on a block of wood was challenging, I think it will come through in the videos that they were thinking hard about this.

Maryann, and Dottie with Hrimmi and Tyra

A good distraction, today Maryann, who I met in strength training, and her friend from the eighth grade, Dottie, came over for a visit. I gave them the full tour and we sat down in our kitchen and talked for quite a while – another instance in which I adhered to the house rule, which is spend time with friends when they come over. For as I told them, otherwise, all our hard work is for naught.

We spent time with the horses, and also took photos. And we walked around the place, me telling stories about how Squalor Holler came to be. At the same time, I listened to their stories – Dottie had a Clydesdale cross when she was young and had many adventures. I think she would like to have another horse. And we all talked about man caves and man cave black holes and my idea, to start a publication called Man Cave Magazine. Maryann was right – the audience for this would not be those who have embrace man caves but rather those who are interested in such things. It’s going to be a tough call, for sure.

Interesting, to sit at our kitchen table with youngers, that is our house sitters, and then to sit at our kitchen table with oldsters, that is those who are older. I’d like to think of myself as being at an age in which I’m in the middle, and easily able to converse with people of all ages.

I gave both Dottie and Maryann copies of Raudi’s Story and Tolting the Divide cards before we left. It was a nice sendoff for them. And, a nice sendoff for us.

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