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May 14, 2019: One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to get Ready

. . . And four lets go. We were originally to (as they say) blow this pop stand tomorrow. I think we could have done it. We maybe would have been more efficient. I would not have spent so much time cleaning the kitchen. It isn’t that we aren’t organized. It’s that we have a lot (usually) to organize. We had boxes and bins in the living room and kitchen addition. Today we moved them, first onto the picnic table, then into the Tundra. Pete then drove the Tundra down to the red truck and trailer, and we reloaded there.

Tomorrow is an important day. The little odds and ends have to be tied up or else we will be at a loss one way or the other on Thursday, the day we depart Palmer. We looked at today’s list, crossed a few things off of it, and then rewrote it. Tomorrow is do-able. We won’t, as we’d both hoped, have time to hang out here and kick back. We’ve never, ever done this and never will.

We depend on guests to appear – when they do we spend time with them. Tonight my friend Heather was here. Tomorrow a friend from strength training is coming over for a visit.

Tonight Pete and I took Hrimmi and Tyra for a walk and I reminded him about the day we went to Anchorage, about a month ago – I made a lengthy list – I soon was reminded that Pete has his own ideas about what to do and when to do it. This meant, not surprisingly, that he paid no attention to my sub-lists, one on the inside of the root cellar pantry door and the other on the calendar. Instead, he continues to march to the beat of his own drummer. It’s a pretty fast beat and also ongoing. He’s definitely marching.

Amazingly, most of what we needed to do got done. We had done this sort of trip twice before, so we had a good sense of what our priorities in terms of trip planning. However, it seemed to me that this time it was more time consuming than the previous two times. And on those trips we left earlier.

I am admittedly, a little nervous about Felipe’s group ride, but not as much as I might be because our good friend and Fairbanks Competitive Trail Ride organizer Laurie modified Felipe’s proposed route, making it safer than it might be otherwise. And so as to further alleviate my fears I’ve decided to ride steady eddy Hrimmi. Pete will ride Raudi and pony Tyra.

We’ll spend Thursday night outside of Fairbanks, do the Friday ride, and then head for Tok on Saturday. It’ll be a short day. We’ve been down the Alcan before, so we know generally where we’ll spend each night. Me, I just want to get to Liard Hot Springs and have a good soak.

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