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May 9, 2019: Nobody Here but us Chickens: A Conversation with Thelma and Louise

The following conversation took place at my friend Sarah Gotschall’s place. She lives across the river, up on Lazy Mountain. Me casa es su casa – this is going to be Thelma and Louis’s summer home.

Alys: Well girls, here you are.
Thelma: Did you have to put us in a cardboard box?
A: Next time I’ll put you in a dog carrier. I was in a hurry.
Louise: You are always in a hurry.
A: Okay girls, take a look at your new digs.
L: Lots of other birds here.
T: What is THAT?
A: What?
T: Over there. By the fence.

L: Oh my God – I have never seen anything like it.
A: That, girls, is a peacock.
T: It’s like a chicken in drag.
A: How do you know about such things?
T: Where I lived before your place, there was this guy who used to come around to get produce. He’d be wearing woman’s clothes. I overheard the phrase then, that he was in drag.
L: That is one amazing chicken.
A: That’s not a chicken. It’s a different kind of bird.
T: It sure is.
L: Look. The ducks are standing around watching it.
T: Where is his mate?
A: The drab one, she’s off to the side of the pen.
L: Playing hard to get.
T: Look now. He’s fanning his tail feathers and doing a little dance.
L: Seems like a lot of hard work for very little reward.
T: Maybe so. You know, I once had a rooster court me. He followed me and tried to do unspeakable things to me. I fought him off tooth and nail.
L: I didn’t try to fight him off. His technique was a little rough, but not anything that I could not deal with.
A: Did you hatch chicks?
L: I sure did. Three of them.
A: And what became of them?
L: As far as I know, they are all alive.
A: Girls, look in here. There’s a nice roosting box and plenty of indoor space.
T: I like the fact that outdoor area is so bright and sunny.
L: I like it too.
T: And I like having all these other birds to watch. There are just two of us at home.
L: And the goats.
T: How are the goats going to do without us?
A: Just fine. They’re going to spend the summer on a goat farm, one with lots of other goats.
T: Are you going to take them there in a big cardboard box?
A: No, we’ll just load them into the back of the truck and go.
L: Are you going to tell them why you are parting with them for the summer?
A: Yes, of course.
T: But you have not told us why we are spending the summer here.
A: I am sorry if I was remiss about this. But Pete and I are going to do a long horse pack trip this summer.
L: How long?
A: Three months.
T: That’s three years in chicken time.
L: Well, this place has possibilities.
A: Yes, I think so. Sarah will take really good care of you.
L: Promise?
A: Promise.
T: I sure hope so.
A: I give you my word, this is a great place for you both to hang out, indefinitely.

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