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May 8, 2019: Gosh

This was a very different sort of day for me. I did not write and I did not ride horses. This made me realize that these things take up a lot of my time. And it made me realize that this is what I most enjoy doing.

It was raining really hard early on, and this put a damper on my horse plans. I figured that it would be best that I instead take care of other things.

I had trip stuff to tend to; otherwise I would have gone with doing my usual routine. I drew a postcard that we’ll print up and pass out on our trip. This took some time. Then I straightened up as Pete organized the materials in our horse/human first aid kit. We have what we’ll need in a red soft carrying case. We

Raudi is ready to go

will be carrying our two hard shell horse human first aid kits in the trailer.

After, I went outside and cleaned the trailer - vacuumed it with the shop vacuum. Then I swept out the horse area. Oh my – sometimes I think that fate is watching out for us –we were going to take the horses to Saddle Up Arena for last week’s packing clinic/ride but we bowed out because we were slow to get going. Well, there was a lot of dust in the rear portion, so much so that the horses would have suffered considerable discomfort. And I would not have had the time to sweep it out. I would have said ‘eh, there’s old hay here, no big deal.

All I now need to do is clean tack and pack.

I have not had the time to fret about our house sitting situation – but when it rains it pours, both literally and figuratively. Bethany, who was for health reasons not able to house sit, passed on the name of a friend, Abby, who came over today, as did one of Pete’s students, Elisa. So they are both going to share the honors.

And all the animals have good summer homes.

A real feat, getting this organized.

I am (amazingly) having a hard time. I have (amazingly) become rooted. I once had a friend say I had no tap root. Let me tell you this – tap roots grow easily and quickly, and they are hard to pull up. In other words, I am feeling a bit of remorse about parting company with all the animals that will remain here. I know each and every one of them will be in good hands but this isn’t making it any easier.

This has to be. What I must remind myself is that we have four horses that are born and bred to do the work/play they’ll be doing this summer. And furthermore, to stick around here because I think the rest need me would do them a disservice.

And at the same time, this trip is going to be very good for me both physically and mentally. Routine is good but the absence of routine is equally good. I am just going to have to keep reminding myself of all this.

Giddy Up

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