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May 5, 2019: Gear(ing) Up

It isn’t an ideas day – I’m too wired for that. But one little one – get a company going called Gear Up, called such because this is what we do when we get ready to take on a project that we think is bigger than we are. In truth, no project is too big to take on. We set limits because we think that if we don’t that we will fail. Bingo. Now that’s an idea, one that just materialized in the form of an abstract concept.

This is way fun. I am sitting at the round kitchen table, writing. Clara is on my left, working on school stuff, and Felipe is sitting across from me, writing, I think working on this ongoing project of his. We are all gearing up. Them, to do their big trip, and me to do my little trip.


This morning I took Hrimfara for a ride and Ryder for a romp in the woods. Hrimmi said to me, in a variety of ways, that she’s ready to go on a trip. She’s a bit concerned about a possible lack of forage, but I assured her that she’ll get enough food. Raudi knows that there will be enough food but is concerned that she’ll get her share. A difference here, Raudi is creating a perceived stressor.

It is quite interesting, having Felipe and Clara here. This is definitely expanding my world view in terms of my career. It’s good for me to be around two individuals who together are taking on another portion of a huge project. I can learn from Felipe about how to publicize my adventures and use social media to my advantage, this being my weak link.

Yes, I am thinking next year, of riding with him into Calgary at the time of the stampede – he has an idea, of getting horse people from differing countries to come up and having a summit. They would then talk and share ideas about horse training and care, focusing on the cultural aspects. I could give an assist with this, somehow. I keep picturing myself riding Raudi, my spirit horse, on this trek. We’ll see.

I have not felt this optimistic in some time. I think this is also weather related. It’s been slightly overcast and a bit chilly, but, it is spring. And being spring, it’s easier getting things done. I have put away the big suit and will soon put away the gloves and mittens. I have not done the latter because I foresee that we could still get another storm.

In the meantime, here we are, writing away, acting upon our ideas. Come to think of it, Felipe is a guy with big ideas – meaning, he has ideas days too. I’d like to think that this place is conducive to generating ideas. It’s the quietude – although right now it’s anything but quiet outside because Mr. Robin is singing loudly, in hopes of finding a mate.

I must move on and finish my book chapter. I have hit a stuck point and so have been avoiding working on it. Fingers crossed that this comes easy.

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