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May 2, 2019: Shop Until You Drop and Other Tales from the World of High End Consumerism

Pete, even more so than me, has been knocking the items off of the trip list. One of these items was “Go Shopping.” A large number of listed items were under this category. We put off taking on this list item because neither of us likes to shop. And the weather has been so nice lately that neither of us wanted to waste good weather time driving to and from Anchorage and walking around indoors, in stores.

The weather changed overnight, from sunny and warm to rainy and cold. This was why, at breakfast, I suggested that we head to town, the unsaid going unsaid, which was to finish our trip shopping. I also didn’t need to say it, but

Alys bagging up Tinni's summer supplements
Alys bagging up Tinni's summer supplements

it appears as though our remaining 12 pre-trip days are going to be busy, what with relocating our animals, packing up, and cleaning up this place. Pete agreed with my unspoken claims, which was why, early this afternoon, we headed out on what turned out to be another great shopping adventure.

We are not compulsive shoppers. We make lists and pretty much adhere to them. As we do what needs to be done, we make important observations. This makes what to us is an onerous task a bit more fun. This day was no exception. We first went to Costco and purchased more surround sound batteries, groceries, and a water proof point and shoot camera. Observation #1: Alaska is no longer a place in which it can be said only the fittest survive. We next went to the Federal Building and purchased a lifetime National Parks Pass. Observation # 2: Those who are over 62 can purchase these passes. This is because the powers that be are putting money on the fact that the owners of these passes will be short-lived. We next went to a sporting goods store and Pete purchased a raincoat. Observation # 3: Extra Tuff boots are now very trendy, and therefore very expensive. What gives? Must plain rubber boots cost well over $100.00? We next went to REI and purchased camping gear, stuff that either has worn out or things we needed anew. Observation # 4: Shopping is stressful because we now have too many choices. Case in point: there were at least a dozen differing kinds of sleeping pads on sale. Wouldn’t one type suffice? We next went to Office Depot and purchased envelopes, and computer paper. Observation # 5: As we walked in the door a clerk told us that the machines were malfunctioning and that we’d have to pay with cash. Has it come to this, that paying with cash is now generally the exception rather than the rule? We next went to Wal Mart (groan) where I purchased rubber boots, which cost far less than those at the sporting goods store. I also purchased a housewarming present, a welcome mat, for Ben, my fitness coach. Observation # 6: Witless consumerism is all the rage. Otherwise, why would these places be so large and so full of crap?

By the day’s end I’d had enough. I can’t imagine that we’ll have to make any more trips to town before we take off on our great adventure. Maybe I can start a movement for those who feel the way I do. I am going to call it – shopping with moxy by proxy.

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