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April 29, 2019 COM Syndrome

The COM stands for Cranky Old Mares. Pete said that I should write a dispatch about this. At the time, I was having an ideas day. My foremost idea was that I should get a notebook and write ideas on the cover and put it right next to my computer/standing desk. This way, I’ll be less apt to forget what my ideas are. And consequently, be able to act upon this.

The idea that I was thinking about was this. I’d like to have an exhibit of the draft pages of my work. I’d call it “A Few Good Ideas,” and have several framed pages. The first would have an illustration of a lightbulb. I’d also have other drawings on the pages. I’d post explanatory information

about each page under each one. I might also have a read out loud protocol, one in which I explain verbally what I’m doing as I write. Now that I think about it, I would like for the draft material to be continuous so that those who wanted to read it, could read it.

If I don’t write this idea down, I am going to forget it. That’s the thing about ideas, they come and they go. It’s just too bad that it takes so long to write anything; otherwise, I would act on more of my ideas.

The cranky old mare idea. Raudi is the cranky old mare. She has all the others, maybe with the exception of Tinni, cowed. She makes sure that she is first in the chow line, and whoa unto any other animal, horse or goat, who move in for their share without first consulting her. She’s got the moves down – a roll of an eye, the flick of an ear, the shake of a head, they all mean something.

I remember when Raudi was not even a yearling – she was intimidated by older mares. How quickly they forget. And how quickly they become cranky. There is no such a thing as a cranky old gelding, or cog. They instead just take life as it comes, and simply move aside when the youngers appear to eat.

I could easily expand upon and write more about this but as with the revisionary idea, am lacking in time. Jumping from one thing to another is counterproductive. Far best to slog along and finish up what was once a fresh new idea than it is to leapfrog from one idea to another.

I had no idea that this proposal revision would take as long as it has. It was supposed to be a quick and dirty knock it out – but now it seems to have acquired a life of its own. It’s sort of like Bride of Frankenstein. I can’t abandon it although I’d like to. Instead, I keep putting in stitches in obscure places.

I have said this before – I am lucky that my lifestyle is such that I’m able to generate and acknowledge ideas. And even though I can’t act upon them all, I do act upon some. And, some is better than nothing.

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