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April 28, 2019: Tripping

I don’t know if the term is still used as such, but tripping used to be used to mean to take LSD. It was most apt because it well described the mystical journeys undertaken by many.

Now here we are, getting ready to go on a trip, so it could be said that we will be tripping. I’ve now scratched Study for Woofer Final off my list, so the things that I must do or assist with in order to undertake the upcoming event are coming to mind.

There is, and there will remain, until the day we depart, also non-trip things to tend to. I realized this today. I had grandiose ideas as the day began – for example, I was going to start getting the horse gear cleaned and in order. I never got to this task. This morning I worked on the proposal. It’s coming along but very slowly. I think that it’ll take me a week to finish.

I also drew cards for Dorothy and Karen, neighbors who allowed us to dehydrate our trip produce at their place. Thankfully, we are nearly done with this onerous task. I also drew a card for the Mat-Su College library staff. They gave us a thank you card and a bookmark with photos of the earthquake damage. I just feel like reciprocating.

Pete taped the horse agility sessions after lunch. I didn’t have the time to do much practice – the down side was that the horses were unsure about what to do in places. The up side was that they weren’t bored.

After, I cleaned out the goat pen. I’ll do this again one more time before we leave. Then, Pete suggested we go for a ride. We got the three mares out, and in addition to doing Siggi’s Trail, we did Peaches’s Loop. There were places where the snow was knee deep – Tyra simply staggered through it. We both agreed to wait a while before venturing onto it again.

Then, I took Tinni and Raudi out on Siggi’s Trail. It’s marginal – the ground has thawed in places and the horses sink in a little bit. But nevertheless, it was a good outing

This evening I’ll clean up inside. My work area is a mess.

Tomorrow will be taken up with more routine stuff. I’m going to work on the proposal, go to strength training, and again get the horses out. If any time remains, I’m going to begin cleaning my cabin, which is even more of a mess than my study area.

So there goes tomorrow. Are we going to be able to get out of here by Mid-May? Right now this is anyone’s guess. It is a worthy goal, well worth attempting to achieve. But if we are not ready and have to leave a few days later, this will not be the end of the world. Slow and steady sets the pace, a motto for the human race. The tortoise in the hare in the hare and the tortoise said this. Smart tortoise, dumb hare.

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