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April 25, 2019: The Dog Blog: Ryder Weighs in

It’s hard to get air time on Alys’s dispatch. She seems to have a lot to say, as do the horses. The chickens and goats, they are a fairly quiet bunch. No matter, they live in the shed adjacent to the cabin porch, so their concerns are immediately addressed.

Me, I’m just the family dog, take me or leave me. They usually take me with them, but sometimes I get stuck at home. I hate being stuck at home especially now that I can’t get at the compost bucket. Pete tied a wooden peg to the door handle and either he or Alys secures it when they go someplace. What fun is that? And they never leave food out for me to get.

Actually, they did this once. I got to gnaw on a block of cheese for a few hours.

Ryder on the porch
Ryder on the porch

Pete goes to work. Alys is usually home on these days, and most of the time we both get out and get some exercise. Today was a fairly routine day. Pete went off to work around 10 a.m., and Alys then went and worked for a few hours at her standup desk. I alternated napping and keeping track of Squirrelly Whirly. I also attempted to distract Alys by barking at passing cars. This didn’t work because she didn’t have her surround sound device in place.

I scrounged for crumbs at lunch time; today there weren’t many to be had because Alys had soup. After, she went outside and tended to the horses, taking the goats with her. I enjoy moving the goats and wish that I could do this more often. Alas, Alys lets Stormy and Ranger into the yard when I’m inside.

Alys took Raudi out and ponied Tinni. I could not go along because this was in part a road ride and Alys can’t pony me and a horse at the same time. But she did come and get me upon her return, and so I accompanied her when she rode Hrimmi on the trail.

I like Hrimmi and have forgiven her for her past transgression – several years ago, when we were all out at Grizzly Camp, she kicked me and nailed me in the face. Had she kicked higher and harder, I would have lost my eye. Fortunately, Hrimmi matured into a wonderful trail companion, and she and I are now the best of friends. I wish I could say the same of Tyra, who even at age five has a more erratic personality. She doesn’t mean me any harm; it’s just that she expends a lot of energy when Alys lets her loose on the trail as she often does.

It works just fine, Alys riding Tyra and me accompanying them both. Oddly enough, Tyra is very calm and focused when under saddle. Alys and I both are happily mystified about this.

I got a late dinner tonight because Alys was outside until 10 p.m. She always seems to find something else to do outside. When finally, we both came in, she fed me. I suppose it’s okay to be an afterthought although sometimes I wish I was a forethought.

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