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April 24, 2019: Over- and Underwhelmed, defined

I can easily explain what the term overwhelmed means. It’s when you have so much to do that it does not matter what you do. Everything is a priority. Nothing can wait. In a way, being overwhelmed is a relief because you are S.O.L. if you do attempt to prioritize. The only thing you can do is knock things off the to-do list in hopes that eventually you will be able to prioritize.

Underwhelmed. You never hear anyone use this term. It could be equated with boredom and thinking that you have little or nothing to do. This is an erroneous meaning of the definition. Underwhelmed is when you have a limited number of choices and you have to act on one of them. These choices come in differing colors. And the selection process is a stressful endeavor.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing what I call “situational underwhelmedness.” I would now be overwhelmed, but I decided to forego working on trip particulars until after my Saturday Woofer written, practical, and group exams. After, I’ll get back to taking caring of trip incidentals and related tasks, like cleaning up around here.

I did prioritize in making this decision. However, because I have less to do I have moments in which I feel anxious. These moments of anxiety manifest themselves when I am

Lazy sedated hors
Lazy sedated horse

in the process of deciding what it is I have to do. This is because I have a choice in the matter. If say, you don’t have a choice in the matter, you don’t have to make a decision. And if you don’t have to make a decision, you don’t get stressed.

A case in point: This morning I had an hour between 10 and 11 a.m. in which I could act upon several options. I could study for my Woofer tests, write this journal entry, work on my Gift of a Good Ride proposal, or take Tinni for a walk. All were equally important. Choices. That’s the killer. It’s the toilet paper analogy. If we had just one choice when I went to the supermarket, I would be less stressed.

I decided to write this entry (first in my journal) because I have yoga class this afternoon. This is what this is for. I could write it during the time between strength training and yoga class, but I felt like sitting down for a bit. I’d have to stand if I were to work on my proposal since I type at my standing desk. I guess I’m feeling lazy.

I’m losing steam as I’m writing this because I doubt anyone is going to hang with this dispatch this far. The subject matter is like my dental history, of interest to me but not of interest to anyone else. Plus, I don’t think that I did a good job of defining the term underwhelmed. In writing, audience is key. Grab them early on, by the balls or ovaries, and hang on tight. Do not hesitate or all will be lost. Alas, my reaction time wasn’t quick enough. Geez, I wonder what Pete is going to come up with in the way of an accompanying photo.

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