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January 11, 2018: A Conversation with Tinni (The Dude)

Alys: Hey old man, how’s it going?
Tinni: Would you stop calling me old man? I’m not old.
A: It’s a term of endearment.
T: I want to be called The Dude.
A: Pete says Ranger (the goat) is The Dude.
T: He’s A dude. But I am THE dude.
A: How’s that?
T: I’m the head of this here mare herd. What I say goes.
A: Is that so?
T: Right.
A: Do you think Tyra agrees?
T: Tyra. There have been some issues with Tyra that I, The Dude, have been attempting to address.
A: Such as?

Hrimmi and Tinni

T: Mostly boundary issues. She needs to learn to keep to her space, particularly when others are eating.
A: Doesn’t she already know this?
T: She knows but refuses to acknowledge that this is how it is here. We live in a small paddock, and so we have to be more considerate than, say, horses that live in a larger pasture.
A: Yesterday I saw you double thump her with your rear legs. What was that all about?
T: Again, it was about space issues. You know, you can give us all an assist by being firmer about this when you work with her and interact with her in the pen.
A: Will do. I’ll keep a closer eye on her when she’s in the pen.
T: Thank you. I appreciate it.
A: So last night it was 12 below out. Pretty cold here.
T: Yes. But at least it wasn’t windy.
A: Yes, wind and cold are a bad combination.
T: I remember being back in Iceland, it was usually cold and windy in the winter.
A: We’re you blanketed?
T: Goodness, no. We did have a run in shed and when it was really cold the doors were closed.
A: And you went from Iceland to British Columbia to Alaska.
T: That’s right. I was nine at the time.
A: And how did you find the weather to be on the North American continent?
T: Much warmer; however, there were a few chilly winters in Anchorage.
A: You had a run in shed where you last lived, at the Barnett’s place.
T: Yes, I shared it with Blossi who would sometime chase me out.
A: Why?
T: Because he was at times an asshole.
A: And?
T: I remember one winter Katelyn, my owner, was quite young and then quite fond of me. The temperature was dropping, and so she asked Bernie, the guy who had us shipped from BC to Anchorage, if she might put me in one of the stalls that was in the building adjacent to his house. He said yes. So I got to spend a week in a heated stall.
A: And what did you think of that?
T: Ohh, I loved it. It was warm. I had buddies. And I didn’t have to fight with Blossi for my share of hay.
A: And?
T: But I was glad when the cold spell ended and Katelyn took me home. I lived right next door to Bernie’s place. I like having room to move around.
A: And what do you think of your current arrangement here?
T: It’s just right. I have my own paddock space at night and I then eat my share of food. And in the daytime I get to be with my mares.
A: Anything else we can improve upon here?
T: No. But don’t forget. I am The Dude.

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