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April 21, 2019: A Conversation with Tyra: Merry Easter

Tyra: It’s Easter.
Alys: How do you know this?
T: The ravens told me.
A: And?
T: They told me that this is the anniversary of the death of Jesus H. Christ.
A: You know about Christ?
T: Yes. But I am very confused. Every year, in December, those who are Christians celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. Then, four months later, those who are Christians celebrate the death of full grown Jesus. This doesn’t make any sense at all.
A: No, particularly since they celebrate both events every year.

T: So did this guy Jesus live four months or thirty-two years?
A: Your guess is as good as mine.
T: And there are some other things I don’t understand. What is the reason behind the Easter bunny? And why do parents give their children baby chickens and rabbits? And what’s with all the candy and the Easter eggs?
A: I think the holiday is also considered by some to be celebrating the fact that spring is here.
T: Wait a minute! Look at this pen. I mean, just take a close look. Does this look like spring to you? Look at all the mud and slush. And outside the pen, there is not a blade of grass in sight.
A: We live pretty far north, so spring comes here later than most places.
T: Might we move further south, so that we could experience an earlier spring?
A: A late spring is preferable to other things.
T: Such as?
A: Sweet Itch, rain rot, scratches, to name a few maladies.
T: Oh yeah, there was a boarder where I used to live, at Silver Creek Farm in Washington. His owner had moved to the Pacific Northwest and was relocating him because the colloids got him. He had to wear this very confining blanket all the time.
A: I heard about this – the owner loved him so much that she was relocating to the east side of the Cascades where it was drier.
T: And she couldn’t move fast enough as far as that horse was concerned.
A: She must have loved him dearly – I mean she sold a place she just purchased, gave up her new job, and moved everything she owned elsewhere.
T: It does not surprise me. We Icelandic horses are easy to love.
A: Most of the time.
T: When have you ever not loved me?
A: Honestly, there are times when you do things that frustrate me. Like this morning, I left the pen gate open and you went right over to the compost pile and began eating banana peels. There you were, when I finally caught up with you, one was dangling out of the side of your mouth. And you would not go back into the pen.
T: Can you blame me? There are often good things in the compost.
A: The stuff in there is not good for you.
T: You should let me decide that.
A: You wanna pay the veterinary bill if you colic?
T: I would, but my job doesn’t pay jack.
A: Yes, but it’s a wonderful job, isn’t it?
T: You mean lugging your sorry ass over hill and dale?
A: Goodness. You are sounding more like Raudi every day.
T: It’s about time. She’s right. I’ve been a pushover for some time.
A: Well, pushy horse, happy Easter.
T: The same to you. By the way, you got any chocolate bunnies on you?
A: Not this year. Maybe next.
T: A year is a long time.
A: This will give you something to look forward to.
T: A Merry Easter to you.
A: And a Merry Easter to you.

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