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April 15, 2019: The Better Part of the Deal

We are not at the wire yet in terms of trip planning. We are moving steadily along, knocking things off the big list. There is no actual list because I could not get Pete to commit to it. It’s in his head, and I am just going along with the program.

I am fortunate in that I really do have the better part of the deal. I am the one who is doing the majority of the ongoing horse care/education. Pete does his share but has taken it upon himself to do other, equally important things. For example, we’ve resumed dehydrating our food – Dorothy, who is our wilderness responder teacher, has generously agreed to allow us to do this task at her place. And he is

currently working on getting the bent rear door handles on the trailer unbent. And today he also stopped at the local tack shop and picked up trip horse supplements.

This morning we also both went and met with Ben, our strength trainer, who came up with a summer exercise plan for the two of us. Pete then went on and did the above-mentioned errands. And I went to the dentist, got my teeth cleaned, and got the retainers that I’ll need to have on hand when we are out on the trail.

I returned home and I held Tinni while Pete put Hoof Armor, a protectant, on the bottom of his hooves. My plan, after, was to get Hrimmi out on the trail. I always start with a plan – this is the most important thing—then often, I vary it. Tyra walked out of the open gate and went over to the hitching post area – this was her way of saying “I am up for doing something.” So I saddled her up and took her out on the trail. I wasn’t planning on taking out a second horse, but it was still light out, so yes, I got Hrimmi out and rode the same route.

And I sure wasn’t planning on getting another horse out and ponying the fourth. But yes, I did do this. At 8:30 p.m. I saddled up Raudi and took her and Tinni out on the same trail. I have to say this – I don’t always feel like expending the energy and getting out and riding. Sometimes, like today, and particularly in the latter instance, I do this because it is my responsibility, yes, and an obligation of sorts. They live in a small pen, and therefore they don’t get the exercise that they’d get if they had access to pasture acreage. It is the only thing in life they are lacking. So I feel that it is my duty to make up for this lack by getting them out as often as possible. Whether or not I feel like it is beside the point.

Of course, always, I enjoy riding once I am mounted up and we are moving along. Over the past two weeks we did quite a bit of road riding, so our being back on the trail is a much needed variation in routine.

If there is a horse heaven and people are allowed entrance, I hope to be included in that number.

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