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April 14, 2019: Raudi’s 16th Birthday

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday, me seeing Raudi for the first time, in a herd of siblings – I first glimpsed her dam, Gergen, and didn’t pay much attention to her foal. Pete said I should consider purchasing her, and I did. I really have never regretted this although there were a few times when I rightly wondered if she’d be better off with a firmer, more take charge owner.

16 years – been riding her now for 12 years. That’s a long time. And in this time we have had ups and downs, more ups than downs.

Raudi's Birthday 16

Today, my friend Bonnie, who is in my strength training class, came over. Pete and I gave her and her husband Bob the tour of our place. I then had Tyra do a strength/agility demonstration in the Playground of Higher Learning. She was her usual gung ho self. We finally dug out the gymnasium mat and did some stretches. She remembered them all even though we had not done any since last fall

I next saddled up Raudi and gave Bonnie a lesson – we went around the loop. Raudi was not wanting to listen to Bonnie. I could tell this the minute we stepped out into the road. So I took charge and gave Bonnie images to work with, just like in strength training class. After the ride, I explained to Bonnie that I noticed changes in Raudi’s demeaner when she brought certain images to mind. She then said that having a rapport with a horse while on the ground is pretty unusual. I later got to thinking about this – Bonnie is right – I’ve just been taking the ground communications part of the package for granted. But yes, I do communicate with them while having both feet on the ground.

I got Raudi and Tinni out after Bonnie left, and Pete took the yearly birthday photo – this year the supplement lid has a big old 16 on it. Lids from previous years, which are the ones that have numbers 4 through 15, are scattered about the property. I included Tinni in on the picture taking session because I spent a lot of time brushing him this morning. He sure looked good.

I had both horses out, so I took them for a jaunt after the photo taking session. We did Siggi’s Loop and the Murphy Road Loop. Raudi was a bit slow until the final portion of our trip home. Then, as asked, she did walk, trot, canter transitions.

This evening we took Tyra and Hrimmi for a long walk, around the loop and down to the Murphy Road creek. Of course, Raudi was not happy about being left behind.

No, I don’t know where the time went. If I had an ongoing movie of the mind to watch, I might then have a clue. But all I have instead have are bits and pieces. Photos (and we have plenty) bring a great deal back to mind.

A long summer trek is just what Raudi needs at the onset of her 16th year. And I, of course, am glad to oblige.

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