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April 9, 2018: The ABCs of Listing: Audience, Accountability and Alternatives

I spent considerable time deliberating, which is more important when writing about lists? Audience or accountability? I was, I finally realized, then thinking inside the box; meaning I could not envision writing about both if this were to be an alphabetical list.

I wrote all three down on my list of possible topics, so that I ultimately make a choice. All were also equally too important to dismiss. I finally decided that alone, audience was too simplistic and accountability too quantitative. And alternatives, I was going to write about this when I came to N – I’d fit it under the category non-linearity.

I finally decided to think outside the box. Indeed the walls were high. It was like a fortress. However, I found footholds and handholds, and I went up and over. No mean feat, especially since I did not know what might be on the outside of my enclosure.

Audience – last night I revised yesterday’s weekly list. I do not generally keep weekly lists – it’s a good idea, but I’d have to put “keep weekly list” on yet another list. And, of course, if one isn’t careful, lists can beget lists. Again, audience, as with most lists, the audience for this one list is me. Today, Monday, it finally read dentist, glasses call about hair appointment, Tabitha at 5 p.m., and virtual horse.

My handwriting is near illegible; nothing at all is spelled out. The only hint of any sort of context is the word at the top, Monday.

Pete might be a secondary audience in that he might glance at this list and consider his plans accordingly, for he has a dentist appointment at the same time that I do, and he is also in need of new glasses. At breakfast, after I had glanced at this list, we did talk – and he suggested that instead of our going to get glasses that we instead take my fat tire(d) bicycle in for its checkup. The vision center is located near the bicycle shop. We both realized that we had just enough time after my dental appointment in which to do one of these tasks. I didn’t think about this until just now, but I said no because my having written the word glasses on my list had committed me to taking care of this matter.

In essence, I, who had given life to this list, was being accountable to what was on it. And my list was making me accountable. It was something that I needed to do, and Pete needed to do – he had said that the glasses that he was wearing were scratched. This list, then, was dictating what needed to be done. In the same fashion, I don’t want to get a haircut. Some people look forward to doing this. I dread getting haircuts because I have to make small talk, which I am not good at. But there it is. The consequence of not getting my hair cut is that I will appear slovenly to family members and friends when, next week, I go down to America. But because the words “call abt hair app’t” are on the list, I will do it.

It is not that I am not open to alternatives. These are just things that must be done, and done today. Otherwise, they will end up being moved to the Tuesday category. And tomorrow is already looking like a very full day.

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