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Friday, April 6, 2018: Gratitude

I am not grateful for the material items in my life as much as I am grateful for the non-material items. The thing that I am most grateful for actually made itself known to me – I may have known it all along, what happened was that I became consciously aware of it.

I have something that few people have and now that I consciously know what it is, am going to continue to guard it. This is, time to think things out. I may be quite busy, but am busy with things of my own making, not externals. The phone isn’t ringing off the hook, and I am not being constantly bombarded with advertisements. I also work at home, so if I need to think/plan out/orchestrate something, I can drop what I am doing and re-focus my energies.


Today is a good example. Samantha and Annie, who are in my animal husbandry class, were scheduled to arrive here at 3 p.m. I worked this morning, I first revised the first few chapters of my Forks book and then studied my vet tech coursework. Then, at 1 p.m. I headed outside, knowing that I needed to get ready for our visitors.

I cleaned the pen, and after designating Tinni’s stall area as the examination area, swept it out. I also brushed Tinni – I thought I might have time to take him for a ride. I instead had just enough time to do some Intrinzen work with him. I then got the supplies together that we’d need to have on hand – two stethoscopes, two thermometers, notebooks, pens. Yesterday I cleaned the goat pen so I didn’t have to do this today.

All was in readiness when Annie showed up. I was relaxed because I was not rushing around or thinking about what I had not yet taken care of. We hung out with Raudi who really seemed to like Annie. We waited for some time for Samantha who as it turned out was over on Mike’s Lane – she turned off Buffalo Mine too soon – she was stuck. I enlisted Pete’s assistance and he went with Annie and me and we pulled her out of the snowbank.

We got back here in short order. I lent boots, socks, and gripper cleats to Samantha, who was wearing dress shoes. I had thought beforehand that she and/or Annie would have a need for the cleats. As it was, Annie was wearing boots like mine, heavy, warm, waterproof boots. We relocated Stormy to the examining area and we did a physical. Beforehand, I’d internalized what constituted a physical, and I’d sent them her history. The exam went quite well. We determined that she might actually be pregnant because her vaginal area does have a teardrop shape.

We were fast, in part, because we had a decent area to work in and because I’d been organized. If I’d been pressed for time this would not have been.

I still had time to work with my animals this evening. Once again, thinking ahead as to what I wanted to do paid off. Hrimmi moved out, Tinni tolted, and Raudi did the panther walk. Yep, I am most grateful that my lifestyle allows me time to plan out my day, rather than the other way around.

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