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April 3, 2018: Time is Fun when you are Having Flies

Spiders are seen as a sign of good luck. They are also considered to be very admirable creatures. One managed, with hardly any web, to ensnare a fly and cocoon it. I had mixed feelings about spiders in seeing this. The world does not need any more flies. But it seems like a terrible way to die, which is being swaddled in webbing. I don’t think that many flies manage to escape.

It is really odd, that I would even have noticed this fly – I have been so busy that I have not noticed much lately. I do wonder, if I was less busy, would time go by slower?

I was energized some by the outcome of yesterday’s Bones for Life lesson. I did not expect it to go as well as it did, based on past experiences. When things go poorly, I tend to feel like the wind is pushing me backwards. And when things go well, I tend to feel as though the wind is pushing me forwards. And when the wind pushes me backwards, I feel like I am floundering in ice cold water. And when the wind is pushing me forwards, I feel as though I am skimming along the surface of a frozen pond. And when I flounder, I lose

momentum. And when I skim, I gain momentum.

I do try, when I am skimming, to take advantage of the situation because it never seems to last. I, who am now skimming, just sent an email message to Kate Wedemeyer who is a Bones for Life trainer and yesterday came to our class and was Laura and my “student.” I have my fingers crossed that she will agree to work with me from April to September, the months that Shari, my regular teacher, is away. I think she is a good teacher and that her additional perspective will be most useful.

Skimming -- I am also going to write a letter to Susan Harris, who is my Centered Riding mentor, and ask her what options are available to me in terms of my doing two upgrade clinics. If I do not hear back from her, I am just going to let my Centered Riding membership lapse. I am not putting it to use here.

Skimming – today I was very tired and did not, when I got home from class, want to go out and work with the horses. It was windy and cold. But I did it because I knew that if I stayed inside and tried to work that I’d fall asleep at the computer. It is easier to stay awake if I am outside and active.

I am now glad that I did get out and do horsey homeschooling. Pete reminded me of what is a truism, that a dog’s love is unconditional and a horse’s love is conditional. It is because of the latter that I have to take joy in the horses and my collective accomplishments. They all did wonderfully – Tyra held her own when a bag blew in front of us, Tinni spent some time on the gymnasium mat, Hrimmi and Pete and I had a wonderful lesson together, and Raudi remained steady eddy even though it was cold and windy out.

So yes, time’s fun when you are having flies.

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