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March 28, 2018: A Conversation amongst the Mares

The three mares have made it clear to me that there are times when they would rather converse among themselves than have me butt in. Tinni later told me that they have said the same thing to him. They are like a small sect, at times not wanting anyone butting in on their business. I am content at most times to leave them alone. But today, I just had to weigh in on their conversation after I heard them talking because what they had to say really was of interest to me.

Raudi: And so I saw that moose and right then decided I was not going to pass it, no matter what.

R: Those things are wicked dangerous.

Hrimmi: But what was the big deal? You pass it, you get home sooner.

Tyra: I’m not afraid of them.

R: Once you’re charged you’ll change your tune.

H: Speaking of tunes, how do you get her to shut up? She has the most dog awful singing voice I have ever heard.

R: It’s the high and low notes. Everything in between is okay.

T: I stop and she shuts up.

H: Ditto.

Alys: You three can be pretty mean spirited.

R: Not mean spirited, just realistic.

H: We could be doing worse owner wise.

T: Yes, she means well.

R: She does love us.

H: And the guy, we are growing on him.

R: Like a wart.
T: I have something very important to say.

H: Food related, I hope.

Tinni (On the far side of the gate): Hay supply is getting low.

R: Oh no.

Tyra: Don’t fret. They’ll get more.

R: But it isn’t hay season yet.

H: No, they will not let us starve.

R: Tyra: is this what you were going to talk about?

T: No.

R: Well then, say what you are thinking.

T: I am going to address my question to Alys.

A: Go ahead.

T: I have determined that I am reincarnated.

A: What makes you think this?

R: She’s our resident fruitcake.

H: I once had fruitcake. The religious people came by and gave me some. It tasted moldy.

T: I said, I have determined that I am reincarnated.

A: And what were you before?

H: I know the answer to that question. She was a d-o-o-o-o-g.

A: A golden retriever?

T: No, I was an Irish Setter.

R: Like that thing down the road?

A: That thing is a Gordon Setter.

R: And its fleas are more intelligent than their host.

T: All right. I was an Irish setter. I belonged to Alys’s dad. My name was Merrylegs O’Reilly.

A: Oh my word.

R: Make sense to you?

A: Well yes, my dad did have an Irish setter by that name. And come to think of it, she was the exact same color as you, Tyra. She also liked people, and was very friendly.

T: Yes, yes, and yes. And like me, she was also a Pagan.

R: I wish I knew where you came up with these ideas.

A: Well, I am not going to discredit what Tyra is saying. On my part, this whole matter deserves more thought.

T: What’s there to think about?

Tinni: First things first. The dwindling hay supply.

R: Yes. Conversation about reincarnation tabled until further notice.

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