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March 18, 2014: Maintenance Day

In addition to ideas days, there are maintenance days. It’s sort of a yin/yang thing. You can’t have one without the other. And you must have equal numbers of both. I prefer ideas days, but I do see the value of maintenance days. Ideas days are days when you generate maintenance activities. And maintenance days are days in which you put ideas to the test. Ideas days are high energy days. And maintenance days are low energy days. On ideas days the wind pushes you from behind. On maintenance days the wind pushes you from the front.

Today was a total maintenance day. I had stuff to do and I got a lot of it done. However, there are a few more maintenance days ahead of me.

First thing. My signing up for the Vet Tech class at the college came on an ideas day. It was a good idea at the time. I was to audit the class and just enjoy learning a few new things. Turns out that I missed the audit deadline and now must take the course for credit. Once a student, always a student. I did the homework that I had not yet done – today I printed it up. And I studied some for Tuesday’s mid-term exam. I still need to meet with my classmates and figure out the ins and outs of our upcoming presentation. I will miss it because I will be out of town, so I am going to do the legwork.

A few weeks ago I had this idea, that I should give a presentation at the next Backcountry Horsemen of Alaska meeting. I had since been giving the matter of what along the lines of horse/human awareness I should talk about. Today I sat down and organized my ideas for my PowerPoint presentation. Then Pete put together the PowerPoint Presentation, which are photos and other images. It took him a long time to do this. Poor Pete, lately it has been all about maintenance for him. He continues to be all things to all people.

A year ago I decided to begin making my own body awareness connections. This being a maintenance day, I worked some on (ahem) self-betterment. I opened up my new gymnasium mat and I played for some time with the hula hoop. I also juggled and tossed balls. I also did some floor lessons. And I had a very good time.

Come afternoon, I acted upon another idea, which was to make a few videos of Tyra to include in the above-mentioned presentation. I had to set up the agility course (my idea, to have a Playground of Higher Learning) get Tyra ready (my idea, that we acquire this horse), and prepare her to be videoed. Pete made the video. I eventually abandoned the idea of my making a series of videos – and we went with one.

We ate dinner then I took Tinni for a walk around the loop. My idea, to walk with him rather than pull him along behind me. He is tentative, but he is catching on and realizing that he doesn’t have to zone out when we walk.

Tomorrow, trip to the dentist. Trip to the audiologist. Ideas born of necessity. In a few days I will again have another ideas day.

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