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March 16, 2018: Balancing Acts

I just finished reading To Reach the Clouds: My High Wire Walk Between the Clouds by Philippe Petit. This is an amazing book. It is about his tightrope walking from the South to the North Twin Tower in 1974. If I was to be critical, I’d say that I would like to have read more about his early years.

What most intrigues me is that he has a near supernatural sense of balance. This is definitely an instance of the mind/body relationship. He first convinced himself that he could do this death-defying feat. Then he convinced his friends that he could do the same. If he was physically unaligned he would not even have attempted much less been able to do this walk.

Personality-wise, Petit was and probably is still hard to get along with. He has always been a man of strong convictions.

He remains a world class juggler. I am just now learning to juggle. I’ll bet he picked it up fairly readily and kept at it. Some people are born with the ability to do certain things – and this and tightrope walking are what Petit does so well.

Juggling as metaphor – I am continuing to mull this over. I had not, in the past few days gotten any juggling time in. I had noticed on those days that I did juggle I felt better at the day’s end. Sometimes I don’t think that I deserve to feel good, which is why I suspect that I bypass doing my body awareness work.

Today I felt good and did my lessons – in part because I got some related good news. On Tuesday Pete and I went to Feldenkrais class. Shari, my Bones for Life teacher, seemed to have put my doing a mentorship on her back burner. But she got a hold of me and Laura today and it appears as though we will be doing the mentorship over the next few months.

So I must resume studying. Another ball is in the air. I’m also taking a Vet Tech class – I wasn’t allowed to audit it so I am taking it for credit. Once a student, always a student; I am taking this seriously. I have an exam on Tuesday that I’m studying for, in between everything else. And there is yet another ball in the air. I am continuing to work on Forks. Next week I am going to interview Becky the Gardener and also have Suzy take a look at the drafts of the two interviews with her that I have written up.

And there is still another ball in the air, which is the horse part of the juggling act. Caring for them and riding them takes time, and it takes even more time in the winter. But the time spent working with them in the winter is well worth it come March, for they are then in good condition. This is what I thought today as I rode Tyra and Pete rode Hrimmi. Tyra who is an inexperienced riding horse doesn’t know what end is up – but she has a sense of adventure and a willingness to take on this task, which makes her fun to ride. Upon our return I got Raudi out and ponied Tinni. Both horses had a decided bounce to their step. No dead in the water behavior here.

There are other balls that I’m juggling – I just must remain focused on the task at hand and not fret about not being able to keep in balance. Indeed, all things in their time.

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