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March 14, 2018: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Tyra, look more snow.
Tyra: Yes, more snow. Look at me! Look at me!
A: Very nice – you are now up to your stomach in a snow berm.
T: This is tricky. I now need to get out.
A: Well, I can’t get you out.
T: Why not?
A: Because the snow there is up to my waist.
T: Very well. (Turns around with considerable difficulty, leaps out of the berm, and trots over to Hrimmi.)
A: Hrimmi, out of the compost.
T: She likes the kitchen scraps.
A: Not good. She can’t throw the stuff up if it does not agree with her system.
Hrimmi: It all agrees just fine.

T: Come on Hrimmi, let’s go and get some hay.
H: Want to remain here.
T: I’m heading into the pen.
A: I’m coming with you.
H: (Following) You all don’t know what’s good for you.

Tyra and Hrimmi join Raudi and Tinni, who continue to eat the hay I have put out for them.

T: I wish I could read.
A: Why?
T: Because I want to know more about world religions.
R: Why?
T: Because such things interest me.
A: Well, you might be able to learn to read, but you would have a hard time turning the pages.
H: She could use her hooves.
Tinni: Won’t work. I tried it.
R: Won’t work. I didn’t try it.
H: How do you know it won’t work if you don’t try it?
R: Common sense dictates that. . . .
Tinni: Pete knows all about common sense.
T: How do you know this?
Tinni: I heard him talk with someone about this. You know, Pete is very well read.
R: So is Alys.
T: They should spend less time reading and more time with us.
R: Be careful what you ask for.
T: You have a hard time with them spending time with us?
R: I have a hard time with you acting like you aren’t getting enough attention.
H: I have a hard time with you two bickering all the time.
T: Ninny, ninny boo hoo.
Tinni: This is not a very productive conversation.
A: So Tyra, what would you like to know more about?
T: Thank you for asking. I would like to know more about the universe.
H: That’s where Mr. Siggi and Signy are.
R: They were swallowed by a black hole.
H: Out in the Moose Meadow?
R: No, after they died, that is where their spirits went.
T: Imagine that. I want to know more about black holes.
H: Are there white holes?
R: There are rainbow holes – these are holes that are formed at the base of rainbows. They are all different colors.
T: What an amazing world we live in.
R: Alys used to read to me when I lived at Moose Creek Ranch.
T: Why doesn’t she read to us now?
A: Because I’m spending possible reading time cleaning up your poop.
T: If I had thumbs I’d help you out.
H: We’d all help you.
R: Speak for yourselves.
Tinni: All you have to do is ask her – and she will read to you.
A: Come spring. We are now on the verge of breakup.
H: Come spring. I thought spring would never come.
T: Alys, will you show me where the rainbow holes are when the weather gets better?
A: Tyra, yes, we will go and look for them.

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