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March 11, 2018: The Writing Life, The Horse Life: Transitions

Making transitions of any kind is extremely difficult for me. I get going on one thing, and because I enter “the zone” so to speak, I find that moving on to the next takes a great deal of energy. I do not know if this has become more difficult as I’ve gotten older – but I do know that as I’ve gotten older that I’ve become more cognizant of it. Maybe most things in life are that way – as we age, we become more aware of the degree of difficulty of certain things.

I used to write and run. Sometimes I’d just write. The acquisition of horses made transition time essential. Some of the above, all of the above, once I launch into something, I wonder why I procrastinated (which is something I do), because such things are never as difficult as I imagine them to be.

Today is a case in point. Put off juggling. Then I juggled and put off working on my draft of the essay about the goat milking competition. Then I put off going outside and working with the horses. Then I put off coming inside and working on this dispatch. In all instances, there was a point of reckoning, a time in which I realized it was going to be now or never.

Suzy’s draft was difficult because she talked fast and I had a hard time taking notes. But I put the information she gave me in chronological order, and what I have reads fairly well. I will have to confer with her and go over it. I think she will assist me in filling in the blanks.

The horses – I have made the transition to this work easier by putting another step into the home-schooling program. I go over the agility course now before taking the horses onto it. And usually, I go over the course with just one horse a day.

As is usually the case, once I get going the plan does materialize. I first went over the Advanced Level Walking course and then took Hrimmi through it. There is no trotting in the walking course – I think that we are both quite happy about this. She’s doing really well and enjoying herself. After, as Pete was saddling up Hrimmi for a ride, I did agility with Raudi. She was more into it today than she was the other day. I knew then that I made the right choice in that day just letting her be.

Pete had proposed that we go for a ride and open up our trails. I rode Raudi and he rode Hrimmi. It was a challenging ride for us all because the snow was (horse) chest deep in places. We walked on foot up the trail to Jim’s road. We then went around the loop – Pete ponied Ryder – and I worked with Raudi on transitions of various sorts.

Once at home, we got Tinni and Tyra out. I rode her. I had not ridden her in months, so in some ways it was like starting over. Getting the horses out is always good because they are exposed to new things. Tyra got to watch a neighbor show us his winter bicycle jump. She had her moments when she was focused and moments when she was not. This was just fine. She enjoyed doing post-ride agility and Intrinzen work because this is something she knows.

I transitioned to being back inside pretty easily. Evening work ahead. Tomorrow, more of the same. I never get used to it.

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