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March 8, 2018: The Writing Life: Son of Procrastination

Yesterday I wrote about procrastination, and I gave, I think, an apt description and provided relevant examples. I was proud of myself. But today I realized that there is even more to the subject than I alluded to in my dispatch. Every day is different, and procrastination is unavoidable, even if you are writing regularly.

I was where I was supposed to be at 10:00 a.m. I met with Pamella Meekin, the State Fair Exhibit and Vendor coordination, and Larry Longnecker (aka Scary Larry), head of Maintenance. I was on time for our meeting. I don’t have problems getting to where I need to be, although I fret excessively beforehand.

It was a very successful interview. Both took a look at the draft I wrote about Larry and deemed it acceptable. I think that Larry was actually impressed. Today, he was not at all scary. And Pam was her usual sensible and upbeat self. They also gave me information on the logistics of parking. This was much-needed information; otherwise my getting caught in traffic jam piece would be one-sided.

Both also helped clarify what on my part was a point of confusion – I had not previously determined that the traffic jam that I wrote about was not fairgrounds but, rather, highway related. As both Larry and Pam agreed, the highway infrastructure is the Department of Transportation’s responsibility, and if there are going to be changes, this is where they are going to have to be made.

I know that I will be able to later write a narrative if I understand what is being said. I was pretty clear this time around on most things. And so after our meeting, I raced home, and in short order I was at my desk. I wrote my introduction to the Better Together section while sitting on my ball at my desk. It came fast, as did the following explanatory information. My starting time was around noon, an hour later than usual. I was on a roll.

I worked until 3:00 p.m. By then, I had a fairly far along first draft. Tomorrow I’ll share it with Carole at the recycling center. I share my work with her on Fridays, knowing I will meet with her keeps me accountable.

Some would say that my hopping to it and writing this interview up so quickly after the fact means that I am not the procrastinator that I profess to be. Ahh, but here’s the rub. I was procrastinating. I put off working on what I’d started yesterday, which is my account of the goat milking contest. This was because it is more difficult to write up, and I was aware of this. My rationale is that I was letting my subconscious work on this. This is a poor rationale – my subconscious isn’t all that hard working. Lately, all it has been attempting to do is convince my conscious that I need to move someplace warm, like New Mexico.

Oh well. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Pete’s spring break starts tomorrow. I am hoping that he will provide me with multiple writing-related distractions.

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