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March 4, 2018: The Horse Life: A Conversation with the Three Mares

Alys: How are you all doing?

Hrimmi: I’m tired. I worked hard today. I did agility, and Intrinzen work, and you rode me.

Raudi: Hrimmi, you have yet to work a day in your life. Just you wait until you get taken on a pack trip. You’ll have days in which by the end you’ll be staggering around.

Hrimmi: I heard from Siggi (dam) that all you ever wanted to do was eat dandelions.

Raudi: I ate my share. So did she. So did Mr. Siggi.

Tyra: What are you all talking about?

Hrimmi: A few years back, Alys and Pete did two trips. They picked up my dam, Signy, on the first trip. The day before they arrived at Andrea’s ranch in Colorado, Signy busted through the fence and mated with my sire, Skjor.

Raudi: And it was hoped that the sire was Prudor who at one time was the top North American Icelandic stallion.

Hrimmi: But it wasn’t. My sire was Skjor. Pete was the first human to lay eyes on me, right here, right after I was born. He ran up to the house and yelled up to Alys (who was upstairs) “It’s a pinto.” Skjor was a pinto, Prudor was a chesnut, so they pretty much knew who the father was, although they did have a DNA test done.

Tyra: Were Alys and Pete disappointed that Skjor was the sire?

Hrimmi: No they were not. They were just glad that I was healthy and that Signy didn’t have any birthing complications. I was late in being born.

Raudi: And the second trip – Me, Mr. Siggi, Signy – we all participated.

Hrimmi: And Mr. Siggi – he did not come back with you.

Tyra: Who was Mr. Siggi?

Raudi: He was my half-sibling. Vikengur was our sire. He is a pinto, just like Hrimmi.

Tyra: So Mr. Siggi was your half-sibling.

Raudi: Was my half sibling.

Hrimmi: He’s the one who comes and visits us late at night.

Tyra: Oh, him. The spirit horse.

Raudi: Yes, the spirit horse.

Tinni (On far side of gate): May I interject a comment?

Tyra: Please do.

Tinni: Mr. Siggi and I did not get along. But he was Pete’s buddy and Pete still misses him.

Hrimmi: And he misses Signy.

Alys: We miss both Signy and Siggi. But we are pleased to have Ryder who we found at a trailhead on our second trip.
Tyra: When is the next trip going to be?

Alys: The summer after this one.

Tyra: Who are you taking along?

Alys: You, Raudi, Hrimmi, and Ryder.

Tinni: And what about me?

Alys: You might again stay with Terri Mielke.

Tinni: I enjoyed it the summer I spent with the Mielkes. I would be up for doing it again.

Hrimmi: I spent a few days there. Her horse Joe is a very laid back and gentle fellow.

Raudi: Okay. Which one of us is going to be the pack horse?

Alys: I think Hrimmi.

Hrimmi: How much work is this going to be?

Alys: We’ll get in a lot of miles.

Raudi: And after you’ll have so much energy you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Tyra: I have days when I feel like that now.

Raudi: Just you wait. You ain’t felt nothing yet.

Alys: Any requests for a song?

Raudi: My request is you go and sing elsewhere.

Alys: Only if you all promise me one thing.

All: What’s that?

You all continue to be considerate, kind, and gentle to one another.

All: Will do.

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