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January 5, 2018: A Conversation with the Horses

I had the following conversation with All the horses this morning as I was cleaning up their area. Tinni was separated from the mares, in his shelter area.

Alys: Hey mares, you didn’t drink any of your water.
Hrimmi: Yes we did.
Tyra: Yesterday
Raudi: Yes, yesterday afternoon.
Tinni: Look in my bucket. I drank most of my water.
A: So you did.
Raudi: Give him an extra flake of hay for his efforts.
Tyra: No, give it to me, give it to me.
Hrimmi: But you didn’t drink near as much water as Tinni did.
Tyra: Water isn’t the issue. I am soooooo hungry.
Raudi: We’re all hungry. Stop your complaining.
Tyra: Alys, please, let me out of this pen. Hrimmi and Raudi won’t let me eat with them.
Tinni: Maybe she’ll give you your own stall area. It worked for me.
Tyra: Yes, give me my own stall area.
Tinni: I now get a slurpy three times a day.
Raudi: I want one. What’s a slurpy?
Alys: You get your supplements. I put Tinni’s supplements in a metal bucket and add beet pulp, Cosequin (joint supplement), and extra vitamin E.
Hrimmi: Why is Tinni getting something I am not getting?
Alys: Because he’s older.
Tyra: I heard the veterinarian say that his tongue is pale. That means his Chi is low. This is something that occurs in older horses.
Tinni: Ladies, I still have plenty of mojo.
Tyra: And the veterinarian stuck needles

in Tinni and then wires to the needles.
Hrimmi: What was with that?
Raudi: I thought for sure the dude was going to be a goner. I once stuck my nose on an electric fence. I got the shock of my life.
Tinni: Whatever she did, it felt really good. Sort of like being doused with cold water on a hot day.
Hrimmi: And this improved your Chi?
Tinni: Markedly.
Raudi: What’s Chi?
Tyra: Even I know that.
Raudi: Smartass.
Hrimmi: Now, now, we all have to get along.
Raudi: Why?
Hrimmi: Because bickering makes for bad chi.
Tyra: Yeah, and then your tongue turns pale and falls out of your mouth.
Raudi: And then you can’t eat.
Hrimmi: But then you get slurpys.
Tinni: I have my tongue. I have my teeth. And I get slurpys.
Tyra: And taken for walks in the woods with Pete and Alys
Raudi: I would like to lodge a complaint. How come Tyra and Tinni get taken for walks and Hrimmi and I are ridden?
Hrimmi: Because the two are too lazy to walk all four of us.
Alys: No Raudi, you don’t get taken for walks because you run home.
Raudi: Yes, because that is where the hay is.
Tyra: Tinni gets taken for walks and he runs home off-lead.
Tinni: Yes, because this is where the hay is.
Alys: Ahem, we have a system here for exercising and it works quite well.
Hrimmi: I like going out with the big horses.
Raudi: That’s because you are a big horse.
Hrimmi: No, I am a big pony.
Raudi: Horse, pony, horse, pony, what does it matter?
Alys: It doesn’t matter. It’s just phraseology.
Tinni: Is that a new supplement?
Alys: Nope, just the same way of saying the same old thing.
Raudi: Yep, looks like yet another day of the same old same old.
Hrimmi: Is there ever a day of the same new same new?
Alys: Raudi, you are too good looking for your own good. Tyra, you are too smart for your own good. Tinni you are too steady eddy for your own good. And Hrimmi, you are too gentle for your own good.
Raudi: Enough said. I really think that you should give me that flake you have in your hands.
Alys: Or else?
Raudi: I will eat everyone else’s share.
Alys: Like I said. . .
All the horses together: Same old, same old.

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