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January 4, 2018: An Ideas Day

I have not had an ideas day since I started my organizing project. It consumed me, and for at least three weeks, I was obsessed. There is still plenty more that I can do, but for right now enough is enough. At least this is what my brain is now telling me. The creative part, it wants for me to again take action.

I realized all this this morning as I was cleaning the horse pen. It was looking like it was going to be one the nicest days of the year – and it was. The sun shone brightly and temperatures were in the teens. The low lying sun cast log shadows and the snow from yesterday’s bows hung heavily on the spruce boughs. At the distance, Granite Peak was bright white, in contrast to a breathtaking blue sky. It was one of those days when you walk around with your mouth agape – days like this are altogether too rare.

I thought at times about those who are living on the east coast and having to deal with cold temperatures and blizzard conditions. They are obviously not aware of how ideal the winter conditions are here. And they are. This, so far, has been an excellent winter for us.

The ideas were coming right and left. I wrote them down in my notebook. Most of them involve recycling center projects. Tomorrow I will meet with Carol, the VCRS volunteer coordinator and we will determine which ones are realistic and which ones are not.

I stayed inside longer than I should have, until noon – got some of my body awareness work on tape, and then had a go at doing my exercises while listening to the tapes. It worked well because I was able to stop the tape/computer and play around. The playing around is very important – the exploration is what creates the new neural pathways.

At 1:30 p.m., as planned, Deb and the posse arrived. This time, it was a small group, it included Deb and Bailey and Suki. Pete and I had Raudi and Hrimmi all saddled up and ready to go. Pete had, when I was inside, gotten out with the tractor and plowed the driveway and adjacent areas, so it was easier than yesterday to get around.

Deb and Monet's Image

Alys and Raudi and Ryder

Putting skirt on Jack

We rode our trails, doubling around on Peaches’ Loop. It was one of the best rides ever for Raudi and me. She stopped nicely when asked, and stood still for great lengths of time – it was an ideal day for picture-taking. The problem with her standing still is me, not her. This is why I am riding with groups whenever I can.

We also did a practice pulse and respiration stop at the far end of Siggi’s loop. My idea. We all got off our horses and lined them up and took their pulse and respiration. As everyone was mounting up, I took Raudi up trail and had her stand until everyone passed by. Then, after they passed, I got back on her. Deb had said something to the effect that there is more excitement at a P and R stop at a competitive trail ride. I didn’t say what I was thinking because we were moving right along, but I wanted to do low-stakes training and in this way set Raudi up for success. I did this by doing this exercise on familiar trails and in a grass-free environment. I will up the ante as time goes by. By the time the CTR rolls around, she will be standing up to her knees in grass and horses will be thundering past her.

I also had Raudi stand quietly by the gate as the posse prepared to head home.
Overall, I was extremely pleased. I am going to ride her in the CTR (as opposed to Tyra) because she has more experience. It’ll take a few years before Tyra is as experienced a trail horse as Raudi.

After, Pete and I took Tyra and Tinni for a walk on our trails. Tinni had a decided bounce in his step. The acupuncture did him a world of good. And tomorrow he’s getting Adequan, the super duper joint supplement.

Raudi (I say) is too smart for her own good. And Tyra (I say) is too smart for her own good. She’s now getting it down, putting weight in her hindquarters and bounding off, while ahead of me on the trail. Yes, she is owning her own movements.

Snowmobilers were out in force today – six went past us. It was dusk – we heard them. I put Ryder on her leash and had her sit down. And I had Tyra stand next to me. We scared the bilers. What fun. What a great day.

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