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February 5, 2018: The Horse Life: Such is the Life of Horses

Hrimmi has an injury, a nasty sore inside of her gum, where the corner of the bit goes. We don’t know how this happened. Such things are always a mystery. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and is still eating more than her share of hay.

Fortunately, temperatures are now in the 20s. Unfortunately, our veterinarian has not gotten back to us. We called him at around 4 p.m. and it’s now 10 p.m.
It is like the meat market. Take a number, get in line. I suspect there are horses out there in worse shape than Hrimmi.

The problem is, locally there are not enough veterinarians to go around. And there are just a few really good ones. And the good ones are over-worked. So the horses suffer the consequences.

I suspect that fewer individuals are now going to veterinary school because it’s so costly. And even fewer in this number opt to work with large animals. The large animal care IS difficult. You have to set up a mobile clinic, make house calls, and go out all hours of the day and night. And here, veterinarians work in inclement weather. I applaud their efforts.

But, the reality is, Hrimmi needs medical attention and she is not going to get it immediately. THIS is what bothers me.

We did some research –we are going to start flushing Hrimmi’s affected area out with salt water and arnica. That’s all we can do. I imagine that she’ll need to be sedated and the area in question will need to be looked at quite carefully. She could have a piece of wood or a sliver there. Or the wound might go back further than we think. I don’t think that it can be stitched. It’s an open wound.

And tomorrow we will take a close look at the paddock and the fencing and see if we can find anything injurious.

Pete has been riding her with a bit and bridle. I think that it is going to be some time before he will again be able to ride her with this kind of equipment. We will get her a bitless bridle, maybe like the one we had for Mr. Siggi. She will be fine with this since she is not a bolter.

When these kinds of things happen, I really feel it. It must be like being a parent, even though I chafe at the term “Horse mom.” I am not their mother. I will never be there mother. I am their chambermaid, groom, valet, and home entertainment center. But most certainly, I am not any of their mothers. I did not bring them into the world nor did they nurse off of me. This kind of distance is a really good thing.

Tomorrow I have to go to class and then finish my interview with Suzy Crosby. But if the veterinarian does call, and can only come during Pete’s teaching hours, I will forego what I am to do and be here for the appointment. I would not have it any other way.

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