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December 25, 2018: Ho Ho and Mo Ho Ho

I have had this idea for some time. I’d like to have a real time nativity scene, with the animals and perhaps a visiting donkey, and a little manger with a not so real baby. I’d then invite people over and have a come to Jesus party. It might end up like a potluck in which you get all deserts or salads, so I might have to ask people what they might come as – otherwise I’d end up with 14 or so virgin Marys and no St. Josephs.

The Mary and Joseph would ride in on the horses and toss the baby Jesus in the manger and say “lo unto you, on this day a child was born.” Then we’d start singing songs, perhaps contemporary ones. Then we would feed the animals and feed ourselves.

Hrimmi tearing into a box

Of course, someone would film this and we’d put it on YouTube and it would go viral and we’d end up (somehow) making a whole lot of money. There would, of course, be advertising endorsements and requests for public appearances.

Just another very good idea – I think this one is going to fall by the wayside.

As it was, it was a good, sane Christmas. As with Christmas Eve, I did not spend it travelling. It began with my making the announcement that it was time to give the horses Christmas presents. I put treats in boxes and in the little gas container and tossed them out to the mares. Tinni stood next to me and watched and took treats out of my hand. It was a big hit, especially the box within the box, which was Hrimmi’s favorite. The horses were happy and this made me feel quite happy.

We exchanged presents, which were piled onto the kitchen table, next to the window where the ornaments hung. Pete played surf music. Everyone was happy with their gifts – this too made me happy. We then did some cooking.

Then we went for a long walk around the loop and over onto Siggi’s trail, with Hrimmi and Tyra. The trail had been broken by Pete and Raudi, but it was still quite the slog. I was pleased when we returned to the road because my lower back did not hurt. This means it isn’t going to be a problem.

Pete and Eleanor returned inside and resumed cooking, and I first took Raudi and then Tinni for a walk. I let Raudi loose on the upper road and she galloped around the loop, back to the hitching post area, which was what I wanted. Tinni was a bit slower, and of course more companionable.

On the menu – for the non-vegetarians, the side of turkey that Sarah gave us; mashed potatoes, beets, and carrots from our garden; oyster stuffing that Eleanor made (my suggestion); and for desert, apple pie. Pete also made homemade bread a yesterday.

No, I am not a cook. I have as much interest in cooking as I do in gardening. But the up side of this is, I am very appreciative of the efforts that others go through to make good, nutritious food. This is why I will request that people bring food for the come to Jesus potluck.

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