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December 24, 2018: The Best Christmas Eve, Ever

I used to think that Christmas Eve meant the eve before Christmas, but recently learned that it means the day before Christmas. This is really strange to me because eve is short for evening. It is one of many inconsistencies in the English language. And I doubt that anyone will attempt to correct it. So be it. So it be.

I can’t fight this or any other language-based inaccuracy. So I will write about today’s Christmas Eve. Some accept the fact that for them, this is a stressful day. They resign themselves to shopping, for food and for gifts. They resign themselves to traveling. And they resign themselves to cooking and cleaning. It does not have to be this way, but they don’t see that it might be another way. So be it. So it be.

Pete on Moose Range Trails
Pete on Moose Range Trails

I did not resign myself to any of this, nor did Pete, nor did Eleanor. I can’t speak for them, but for me it was the best day before Christmas ever. For one thing, my tooth didn’t bother me too much. I know it’s just a matter of time before I will be in pain, but the time was not today. And my reoccurring back problem wasn’t a problem. These two things alone were enough to put me in a good mood, but there were also other things that made this a memorable day.

El and I hung family ornaments in the kitchen window. I’m glad to have them. We would have gotten a tree, but we didn’t have enough ornaments for that. Also, I have qualms about cutting down perfectly good trees and bringing them into the house.

We got Tinni and Hrimmi out – I ground drove Hrimmi – she enjoyed this and was bomber. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll hook her to the cart. We’ll see. We next went to town where I had my strength training session with Ben. It went really, really well – I felt strong and like I am making progress. And after I was done, Ben and I chatted a bit about our families.

Done, I met El upstairs and had half of the best spinach wrap ever.

Once at home, I took Raudi and Tyra out individually, and let them off lead halfway around the loop. They are both, at this point in time, the essence of good health. Seeing them race around just makes me feel good.

Then this evening we went over to our friend Karen Hopp’s place. I rode my fat tired bicycle there – it felt really good to exercise because this was something that I could not do two weeks ago. And Karen made an Italian meal that had seven or so courses. It was served on her grandmother’s good china. I was really moved by the fact that she went to such trouble to make this meal – I had never had a meal quite like it. And it was nice to be in the company of three others who all respected and liked each other.

We watched the Grinch who Stole Christmas, went for a short walk, then came home. I rode home. I cleaned the horse pen and Pete swapped out the water buckets. The day concluded with all of us here playing a card game, Quiddler.

A most amazing day and one that I will never forget.

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