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December 22, 2018: With Little Sister

A great day here, spent with my little sister, Eleanor. I could be wrong, but I think we are both feeling it, the absence of our parents, now both dead. Of course, this is because of memories of past Christmases, spent with them. Yes, the memories come back, but that is all they are now, memories. It hardly seems fair, that we are born, raised by parents, spend the holidays with parents, and then one day, they’re gone. The feeling, which is one that will always be with us, is one of emptiness.

The feeling might be different if you have children and your children have children. Yes, I think that it is different. But then the future generations also must someday


deal. Sometimes I think, well, I came into this world with certain expectations and these expectations have not been met. I want a refund or at least a gift certificate.

Well, here is what it was today. It was the best a day prior to a holiday might be. The weather was perfect, no wind, temps in the 20s. I first took Raudi out alone, and she was glad to be out. Then El and I took Tyra and Tinni out for a walk around the loop. Tyra put on quite the display, racing at top speed up and down the road and driveways, with energized Tinni following her. And she repeatedly came back and touched my hand when asked.

We next went to my friend Sarah’s place – she gave us half a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was one of the five she grew herself. The half she gave us had a wing and a drumstick. Sarah gave us the tour. It was windy over at her place. Sarah showed us her ducks and chickens and peacocks and horses. And Neal showed us his brewery set up. Eleanor (I think) was impressed.

We next went and visited our friend the Stoffels who are getting ready for the holidays. Dick told me that he’s looking for new homes for Karmen, his older Icelandic mare, and Jokla, his younger mare. I told him (and I meant it) if I had time, space, money, and assistance, I’d take them both. But I lack all the above. This of course becomes most apparent at times like tonight, when I do get assistance. Even with help, it takes a lot of time to tend to the animals that I have.

And this evening we played Scrabble, El, Pete, and me. El has some very relaxed rules, for instance, you can at any time look up words. And she and Pete do not use the timer. But the word to best describe the playing style is cut throat. El seems to think I’m very smart and hard to beat so I feel like I must live up to her expectations. So yes, the pressure is on. Tonight I won. It was quite interesting, after I looked at my score – I started strong and from there slowly went downhill.

This was today. Tomorrow will be another day, spent with family.

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