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December 20, 2018: Earth to Alys

For sure, Pete is the anchor and I am the balloon. If he let go of the string, I’d float up into the sky and never be seen again. I would not have any regrets because I am sure that the stratosphere is very quiet and peaceful.

Right now, Pete is putting in the new toilet. It’s a Henshaw, so it is going to be called Henshaw, as in “I have to go see Henshaw.” Now, some time ago I mentioned that the old toilet did not work, meaning we did not get a complete flush. I presumed that no toilet, old or new would work. Pete then told me he just hadn’t gotten around to getting and installing a new toilet. I was irked because this seemed to me like it should be a priority.

Well, it’s no longer an issue. Out with the old (which is sitting outside on the porch) and in with the new (which is sitting inside the bathroom).

Meanwhile I’m upstairs, head in the clouds. Been mulling over another idea, which is to write a book that would be entitled the Art and Science of the Image. Right now, it is pretty amorphous, maybe in fact too amorphous. I’d have to come up with a hook and right now I do not know if this is going to be possible.

I’m interested in the use of the image (science) in relation to ideokinesis, this meaning thought and movement. But there is this other aspect (art) the image itself, for example, the balloon on the head or two balloons on the shoulders, that more poetic aspect.

The art may be the image itself. For some, being given this alignment-related image might be enough. This works for me because I am not only right brained, but at the same time have developed neural pathways on the right side of my brain. However, others might be more receptive to the use of imagery if they are first given an explanation as to how and why it works. To my knowledge, no one has gone into any detail in writing about this subject.

This is really all I know right now – wait, I could also incorporate meta-narration into my draft – what now just came to mind is an image of a brain map. I could even include illustrations.

Ahh, but first I must finish the recycling book. I actually could get going on it once I get the proposal out because then I’d be waiting on the editorial aye or nay. If I get a nay out it will go, again.

I also have not forgotten about doing the Inquisitive Horse videos. I simply have not had enough daylight to do much horsey homeschooling. However, the Playground of Higher Learning was plowed a week ago, and I have been doing agility and making agility videos. Very exciting – two videos down, of Tyra and Hrimfara. Raudi and I hit an impasse. She didn’t want to back through the curtain. But we worked together and she got it. It was sort of a first, our working through a problem, together.

I need to come down from the stratosphere for a while and admire Pete’s handiwork. It’s not every man who can install a toilet. This is something that I am not taking for granted.

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