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December 16, 2018: Dog Blog

This morning Ryder reminded me that she wanted some dispatch time, that I’d previously promised to put postings up of her dog blog. I sighed because this is what I do – and said yes. So Ryder’s Dog Blog will be a regular Tolting the Divide feature.

Hello Everyone:

I’m finally getting the chance to weigh in on life here at Squalor Holler. I’ve been included in some conversations, as have the horses. Raudi wants her own blog, but I insisted that I go first.

Ryder on her picnic table
Ryder on her picnic table

The life of all dogs differ. Alys tells me that some spend a lot of time chained up, either to posts or to dog kennels. I’m lucky in this respect – I do get tethered to the turn handle on the front of the trailer when either she or Pete is getting the horses ready to go or have just come back from a ride. I have never been left out after they’ve finished taking out or putting the horses away.

Other dogs are (I am told) couch potatoes. They get very little exercise and lots of human food. I do get exercise, but I don’t get human food except if you count cooked salmon skins. I get dried dog food, sometimes with salmon juice on it. And I get salmon treats, Yummy Chummies, out on the trail.

I am speaking of today because today pretty much embodied the routine that I go by. I got up after Pete and Alys had their breakfast and then Pete got me my breakfast. Then I went outside, pooped, and came back inside. Pete’s rigged it up so I can push the outside door open and come inside. It closes behind me.

I next do as I do on most days and I climbed on the chair in the living room, the one some friend of Pete and Alys’s made, and I waited for Squirrelly Whirly to appear. Sometimes he does and sometimes he does not. He sits on the cabin beam and he chitters away. He just loves to tease me. Right now a plate of glass separates him from me – one of these days that glass isn’t going to be there. That will then be the end of Squirrely Whirly.

Usually Alys and Pete go outside before lunch and do something. I either nap or if they are in the garden/horse playground area, I sit in the window and I watch them. Today they were unusually busy, clearing the playground of snow so that Alys can do agility with the horses. I enjoy watching her work with them. When I first got here, I did agility in Claudia’s class. I wasn’t very sure of myself then. I’d like to try it again now.

Pete cleared the area with the tractor, and Alys moved poles and whatnot. This took them several hours. When they were done, they came in and ate big lunches. These two eat a LOT – fortunately they’re messy and they leave lots of crumbs.

They usually take me with them on horseback rides after lunch. It’s the weekend and so the snowmobilers are out so Alys instead suggested that we take Tinni and Hrimmi out. Pete walked Tinni and Alys drove Hrimmi, walking behind her and holding the reins. Hrimmi told me she likes driving because she has less weight on her back and can zone out. I’ve heard said that they’re going to hook Hrimmi up to the cart in the next few days and drive her. I might sit on the seat.

After, we came inside and I took a long nap. Alys is now writing this dispatch. Tonight Pete, as he stretches out, will play Serious Tug with me. I enjoy this. Then, I’ll take another nap. Finally, we’ll all go to bed. Yes, I sleep on the bed with the two of them. I would not have it any other way.

Some days are more varied. I’ll write about them as the winter progresses. Come summer or spring, I won’t have time to dictate to Alys what I’m thinking because I’ll be outside, most likely out on the trail with my horsey friends.

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