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February 4, 2018: The Ponies Converse about Reincarnation

Alys: Tyra: Do you really believe that you were once my father’s Irish Setter, Merrylegs O’Reilly?
Tyra: Yes I do. And I have proof.
A: And what is your proof?
T: Our coats are the same color.
A: Are the same color?
T: Yes, are. She is living on through me.
Raudi: There may be something to this. In my previous former life I was Princess Diana. We too are both redheads.
A: All right, and you, Hrimmi?
Hrimmi: I don’t think that I had a past life.
Tyra: We all have past lives. You just have to spend time thinking about this.
H: What if I don’t want to spend time thinking about this?

R: What else are you doing with your time?
H: Figure out mathematical formulas.
T: She sketches them out in the snow, late at night. Then she poops on them.
Tyra: Clever Hans has nothing on Hrimmi.
R: Clever Hans was a charlatan.
A: How do you both know about Clever Hans?
R and T; (In unision) Bill.
A: And Tinni, who may you have been in a former life?
Tinni: Reincarnation is a bunch of hooey.
T: What’s Hooey?
H: I think it’s something you eat.
R: A supplement, perhaps?
H: Umm umm, I could go for some fresh hooey about now.
Tinni: I am not being taken seriously.
A: Okay Tinni, it’s your turn to speak.
T: Thank you. We are not reincarnated. We are all descended from an illustrious line of very well bred Icelandic horses. My grandsire is the honor stallion, Hrafn fra Holtsma.
T: Well, my grandmother on my dam’s side was Gloo.
Tinni: Well, you do have Orri fra Pufu in your pedigree.
R: Thank God – at least you have some credibility.
T: I have a LOT of credibility.
H: I want some Hooey.
R: Here’s to a never ending supply of Hooey.
T: Phooey on Hooey.
H: That slurpy you are getting, three times a day, it looks and smells really good.
T: It is quite good. But you don’t need it.
H: I’m sure it would raise my energy level.
T: You might have a point there.
A: So Raudi, what is it like, going from being a princess to being a pony?
R: It’s better. I do have my admirers. But I don’t have to deal with the paparazzi.
A: I can imagine that was quite difficult.
R: All they wanted was photos and scuttlebutt.
H: Is Scuttlebutt a supplement?
T: I think it is what Tinni is getting, but without the arnica.
Tinni: Ahem. It would do you all well to give some thought to your respective lineages. Perhaps after you all do this, you will see yourselves for what you are.
R: Ponies.
Tinni: No, horses. There is no word in Icelandic for ponies.
R: I very much want to pass on my proud lineage, to at least one foal.
A: We’ve had this conversation before.
R: Yes we have. And it’s worth having again.
A: As I’ve told you, if we get a place with more pasturage, you will be able to have a baby.
T: Me too?
A: We’ll see.
H: I don’t want babies.
A: What do you want?
H: Hooey and Scuttlebutt.

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