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December 8, 2018: A Conversation with a Tooth on the Mend

Last Monday I went to the dentist because I had an abscessed tooth. I figured that I either had something lodged under the gum or an infected root, meaning that I’d have to have a root canal. The latter prospect did not appeal to me. I subsequently discovered that I have a fractured tooth and that it will need to be removed in the not so distant future. It was déjà vu all over again. Almost two years to the day I was told the very same thing.

The tooth in question was next to the one that’s now fractured. Like then, I’m not too happy about this. I have had a series of dental issues that are all related to having had one tooth pulled several years ago.


Last night, I came across an interesting exercise in a book that I’m now drawing upon in doing my body awareness work: Eric Franklin’s book Relax your Neck and Liberate your Shoulders. It’s simple, concise, and to the point. One exercise, called “Hi, muscle knot!” reads as follows: “Say the following: ‘Hi Muscle Knot. You’re still there. How strong you must be to stay tense for so long that my nerves can feel this pain. Why are you so tense?’”

This got me to thinking. Perhaps, I thought, I should converse with my fractured tooth. Here’s our first conversation. There undoubtedly will be more in the months that follow.

Alys: Hello tooth, how are you doing?
Tooth: I’m doing amazingly well, all things considered.
A: Yes, all things considered.
T: The news wasn’t good, was it?
A: No, you are to be removed.
T: Because I have a vertical fracture?
A: Yes.
T: I’d like to stay where I am. I’m very attached to you.
A: And I’m attached to you.
T: Simpatico.
A: I read online that teeth that are fractured can’t be fixed.
T: You know, every year, many teeth fracture. And they eventually heal.
A: Those are the teeth that go undetected.
T: You are so right.
A: But your problem was identified in a radiograph.
T: Yes.
A: Do you think there is anything we can do about this?
T: Now that you know of the problem, it will be difficult to rectify. It’s a mind over matter thing.
A: I’m willing to give it a try.
T: Let’s go for it. Getting the bridge in on the other side next week is going to help because you’ll then have a level playing field surface wise. In other words, you’ll then again be chewing equally on both sides.
A: And what else?
T: Start drinking lots of water. And I mean lots. At the very least, this will help to keep your other teeth healthy.
A: And what else?
T: Continue to do as you learned in Bones for Life class and message your gums three times a day.
A: And what else?
T: Let’s keep the conversation going. I do believe that by working together that I can be healed.
A: I’m going to give this a try. After all, what do I have to lose?
T: Me.
A: And I don’t want that to happen.
T: Me neither.

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