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December 2, 2018: A Conversation with Spiffy

Today I met with my friend Sarah at the Sindorf Center, a local upscale riding facility that has a heated arena. Together, we did body awareness work, carrot stretches, and agility work with Spiffy. We definitely had the Camp Dilly Dally mentality going. At the day’s end, Sarah went to put her grooming box and whatnot in her truck and I hung out with Spiffy. We then had the following conversation.

Spiffy: What’s that you’re eating?
Alys: A cracker with homemade peanut butter.
Spiffy: I see that it has three layers.
A: You have very good eyesight.
S: And a very good nose. Can I have some?
A: Here you go.
S: Thank you. Do you have any more over in your backpack?
A: All done.
S: I will gladly eat crumbs.
A: Okay. Here are the crumbs. You know what crumbs mean?
S: What?
A: There isn’t any left.
S: Next time pack a bigger lunch.
A: You got most of my apple slices.
S: And they were so good. Next time, bring more.

Spiffy at the Sindor Center
Spiffy at the Sindor Center

A: What do you think about packer pellets?
S: Yeech. They taste like cardboard.
A: My ponies love them.
S: Your ponies will eat anything. I’m a bit more discriminating.
A: You don’t sound discriminating.
S: I am. I’m just not an opportunist, like yours are.
A: Did you have a good day?
S: I had a wonderful day. You know, there was a lot of horse traffic here today – and I could tell that they envied the fact that you and Sarah were taking so much time with me.
A: Are they happy horses?
S: Yes and No. They are well cared for. They’re never hungry and never too hot or too cold. And they all get ridden at least a few times a week. But at the same time, they see me getting all this preferential treatment and wonder why they’re not getting it.
A: Well, do you wish you lived here?
S: No. I enjoy being outside. And I enjoy being with my buddy Butterscotch. And I, of course, enjoy being with Sarah most of all.
A: Your back, does it hurt now?
S: No. I was a bit stiff but not now.
A: And your knees?
S: They are just fine.
A: Is there anything more Sarah can do for you when you come here?
S: You tell her to bring more peppermints the next time. She ran out.
A: And?
S: That I really appreciate the way she cares for and about me.
A: And?
S: I like you and coming over to your place.
A: And what about my ponies?
S: You do with them what you do with me – the mares are not as appreciative as they should be. The fellow, Tinni, he is very appreciative because he’s older and wiser.
A: So what did you like best that we did today?
S: Hard to say. I liked it all. But what you called the bladder sweep – this made my whole body tingle. And my back felt stronger afterwards.
A: So more of the same?
S: Yes and no. The same old same old gets boring. The next time I would like to be driven in my harness, over and around obstacles.
A: And anything else?
S: Uhh, you put a banana on the crosstie rail. How about you share it with me?
A: Just a small piece because I don’t want you to choke.
S: Okay. A small piece is better than no piece at all.

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