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November 28, 2018: The Horse-Human Body Awareness Connection

Today started out kinda crumbly. The brief snowfall was incentive – Pete and I ended up taking Hrimmi and Raudi for a walk on Siggi’s Trail. Raudi is now just fine on lead; she didn’t used to be. She was so good that I decided to let her run free. I was also lacking boot grippers, which I need on icy trails. I was falling all over the place. Big mistake, to let Raudi go – she ran home, back to the central food source, the hitching post area. I wasn’t even annoyed with her. She is the way she is, and staying with me off lead, when I am on the trail, isn’t her strong suit.

I next went to strength training. It went well – I was the only one in the class, so I got a private lesson. When the focus is on me, my form improves immeasurably.

Alys and Raudi walking up to the arena

I came home and first put out a few more obstacles in the Playground of Higher Learning. I put the gym mat back in front of the shanty, and with poles and a tire, I made a star pattern. I also constructed a pole square, which can be approached from a variety of angles. And I took two small square frames made of slats and used them as a ladder rung obstacle.

For some odd reason I wanted to work with Hrimmi, which is what I did. She did not disappoint. She was on task the entire time. This is what I am thinking – I was more flexible mentally in that I set out other obstacles. And I was more flexible physically in that I had no problem keeping Hrimmi occupied. The day’s ahh haa moment was that the more flexible I am in all respects, the more flexible the horses will be.

I also think that I now may have solved an ongoing problem, which is related to engagement. Sometimes the horses act like what we are doing is the same old same old. Quite obviously, they feel this way if they are stiff or inflexible. And they also feel this way if I’m failing to present them with some sort of new challenge. The solution to this problem is this: I first need to do body work and carrot stretches with the horses before doing agility. And I need to use differing obstacles. In order to do this, I am going to need to slow down.

It was dark when I finished pen cleaning. Tinni was off by himself, like Eeyore, in a corner, so I took him for a walk. We did Siggi’s Loop and the road loop. My related revelation was that I can easily do hikes it’s after dark.

I feel a sense of satisfaction when I do what I think is right by our animals. I am feeling this way now, as I write this. Strength, cardio, and flexibility – all are equally important for me. And all are equally important for the animals. This is foundational to my homeschooling program.

My video series is going to be comprised of 10 videos called the Inquisitive Horse, 10 videos called the agile horse, and 10 videos called the cardio horse. Giddy up.

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