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November 26, 2018: A Conversation with Raudhetta

The following conversation took place during a walk on the road that loops around our neighborhood and on Siggi’s Trail. On the darkest and dreariest of days, we all just had to get out. It was raining, but the two mares seemed appreciative of our desire to get them exercised.

Alys: Raudi, what do you think of this weather?
Raudi: This is just plain awful. Rain, cold, gray sky, icy conditions, couldn’t be worse.
A: Oh yes it could.
R: How so?
A: Your pen is clean and because we put down sand, not at all slippery.
R: Yes. That’s so. I thank you for us all. We are most appreciative.

Alys and Raudi walk up to the arena
Alys and Raudi walk up to the arena

A: And I’m sorry.
R: About what?
A: What happened yesterday.
R: What was that?
A: You don’t remember?
R: I guess not.
A: Well, I’ll remind you otherwise it might come back to mind and then you’ll think that I am not sorry.
R: Go ahead.
A: Yesterday. When we were doing agility. I got annoyed with you because you had little interest in going through the course.
R: I remember now. I wish you hadn’t reminded me.
A: Again, I’m sorry.
R: I accept your apology.
A: I enjoy doing agility but it appears as though you do not.
R: Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not.
A: Why is this?
R: At first it’s a challenge. But when we do the course repeatedly, it becomes less of a challenge.
A: So what do we do about this?
R: Let’s just focus on doing those obstacles that I’m having a hard time with. And go heavy on the rewards.
A: Anything else?
R: I really enjoy it when you work with me off-lead.
A: Why is this?
R: I have to think things through on my own. Otherwise, I’m simply doing what you are telling me to do and that’s no fun at all.
A: I have an idea.
R: Let’s hear it.
A: We’ll do the December Christmas course because that’s fun.
R: That’s right. I get to ring a bell and eat a Christmas treat and do an obstacle of our own choosing. I can do this.
A: Then in January we’ll do the liberty work courses.
R: What’s this mean?
A: The obstacles off lead.
R: I would like that.
A: What else would you like?
R: I’m really enjoying what you are doing when you clean my hooves, circling my feet in all.
A: So keep this up?
R: Yes. And also, I enjoy the TTeam work and the bladder sweeps.
A: You didn’t seem to enjoy the bladder sweeps to me.
R: The first few times they felt strange. But after, I felt good.
A: So I will continue with this. How are your legs and hooves feeling?
R: Being without shoes took some getting used to. And I was looking forward to having ice shoes. But my hooves and legs have been feeling really good lately. I’m now back to trotting on the road.
A: Thanks for the update. But one more thing.
R: What’s that?
A: Let’s keep the lines of communication open.
R: Will do.

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