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November 10, 2018: A Conversation with Tinni

The following conversation took place at the conclusion of a short trail ride, on our walk home.

Alys: Tinni, that was quite the ride.
Tinni: How so?
A: You were so forward.
T: Yes, I was, wasn’t I?
A: You haven’t been so energized in years.
T: No, I haven’t.
A: What brought this about?
T: I felt good today.
A: How so?
T: Like I had energy to expend.
A: And what was the reason for this?
T: It was partially the weather, windy and warm.

Alys and Tinni head out with Rainbow and Jenna
Alys and Tinni head out with Rainbow and Jenna

A: And?
T: It was all the body awareness work we’ve been doing.
A: You think so?
T: I know so. Today was the best. You laid your hands on me after grooming me and moved them when your body (rather than your mind) told you to do so.
A: That’s right.
T: And the humming, when you were grooming me and then under saddle – it was like someone had put bees under my bareback pad.
A: Yes, and don’t forget my having done the slow spiraling downward with your hooves after I cleaned your feet.
T: Yes, this made me feel light on my feet.
A: Anything else?
T: Yes, when we walk, you walk behind my shoulder and focus on me rather than other things.
A: The odd thing is that I feel really connected to you when I do this.
T: And vice-versa.
A: I do think that I’m on to something.
T: And I do too. And so do the other horses. We are all very appreciative of your efforts.
A: You really don’t know the extent of it.
T: Tell me then.
A: I do my own form of body work in the cabin. And I’m working with a strength trainer.
T: You’re already pretty strong. You have no problem hauling manure buckets out of the pen and dumping them into the compost stations.
A: I’m actually working on functional movement, looking for numerous ways of strengthening neural pathways.
T: This isn’t something that I can comprehend. But whatever you are doing, keep it up, it’s working.
A: Yes, and I am excited because I am feeling and seeing change in me. And this is making itself apparent when I ride you.
T: And the others.
A: Yes. Do you and the others talk about this?
T: To be honest with you, not much.
A: Well then, what do you talk about with one another?
T: Main thing is, quality of the hay.
A: And the quality is good?
T: Most of the time. There was a spell last spring when the hay that Pete was feeding us was quite poor. It tasted okay, but it didn’t give us much energy.
A: Well, we now have three full barns of really nutritious hay, so this won’t happen again.
T: We aren’t worried about this. Well, Raudi at times has fretted because she fears she won’t get her share. But she’s fretting less and less so these days. I think she’s come to realize that you have her best interests at heart.
A: Quite obviously, I do.
T: Well then, continue to keep up the good work.

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