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November 6, 2018: Morning Has Broken

This morning I got a very brief email message from my friend Sarah, who is an elementary school teacher. She said she was drinking a latte and headed into a staff meeting. I pictured all of it, Sarah getting up before dawn, driving to work in a nearly new car, and greeting her colleagues, all in preparation for a day of teaching eight year olds.

Her work days are all radically different than mine. I got up after dawn, went down to the horse pen, and greeted my equine students, who this morning (most likely because of the cold) were hungrier and therefore a bit more pushy than usual. We did have a brief meeting, one in which we first discussed world affairs (the crows fill them in on what’s happening, via the Raven Network).

The New Crow November 2018

Tyra again said that she’d like to run for U.S. Senator in 2020 and get Lisa Murkowski’s seat. When I asked why, she said that she’d work to pass legislation related to keeping wild and scenic areas, and as well, the elimination of horse slaughter facilities. Tinni, Hrimmi, and Raudi said they’d all work with her on her campaign. Tyra asked Raudi if she’d be her campaign manager and Raudi said maybe, she hopes by then to be pregnant.

We also talked about the day’s plans. I asked Tinni if he was up for a short ride and body work, and he said yes, most definitely. Tyra interrupted and said she absolutely had to get out – it had been a few days. I said that I’d see what I could do, that the amount of available daylight was a critical factor.

I finished up and then went inside, where Pete and I had our daily breakfast meetings. It is during these meetings that we see if our plans in any way coincide. It’s the time of day when both of us make concessions and reprioritize. For instance, Pete wanted to vacuum the upstairs, which meant that I’d have to wait a bit before working on Forks. He subsequently vacuumed and I hovered like a bee, here and there picking up things and putting them away.

After, Pete went downstairs and cleaned up, and I stayed upstairs and worked on Forks. Then I went downstairs and did my body awareness work. We got together for lunch. He then left for school and I went outside and did horsey homeschooling.

I took Tyra and Ryder for a woods walk – we traversed all our trails and crossed Jim’s creek. I worked with Tyra on staying out of my space by insisting that I have exclusive rights to the trail. I spread my arms out so she had to go around me. And we worked on turn and back. It was a successful outing.

I next went and voted, which Pete had done earlier in the day. The line was not long, but the voting populace was comprised of what I call uneducated, right wing Christian conservatives. Well, if things go the way they hope, we will all suffer the dire consequences.

I returned home and took Tinni for a very peaceful late evening walk.

My friend Jacqui took the photo of one of her latest paintings. It is a very somber painting, I think reflective of very somber times. The word broken resonates. We are now a broken nation, and I think, beyond the point of no return.

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