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October 27, 2018: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Tinni, how are you doing?
Tinni: Who, me?
A: Yeah you.
T: Pretty good. I am enjoying the warmer weather.
A: Yes, me too.
T: You, unlike me, don’t live outside.
A: But I lack a thick, warm coat like yours.
T: True, true.
A: How are you feeling these days?
T: I’m not moving as fast as the mares, but I’m not in any pain.
A: Does getting the monthly dose of Adequan help?
T: Most definitely.
A: And the slurpy?
T: I don’t know if it does any good, but for the most part it tastes good.
A: For the most part?

Tinni grazing in the yard
Tinni grazing in the yard

T: The addition of the copper supplement – yeech.
A: As soon as we run low on our current supplements, we’re going to start all of you on a single supplement that contains all of what you have been getting in separate supplements. This way, the copper should be more palatable.
T: Glad to hear it.
A: What do you think about the home schooling program?
T: I have some things to say about it.
A: Such as?
T: This is good for all the mares. They need daily interaction.
A: And you?
T: To be honest with you, I don’t know why you’re wasting time on me. You could be spending more time with each of them.
A: Because we think you have many good years left and we want you to continue to feel good.
T: Do you think riding me every other day is going to make a difference?
A: Most definitely.
T: And do you think that doing various things with me in the playground is going to make a difference?
A: Most definitely.
T: How so?
A: Movement begets movement. The more you move, the more you will feel like moving.
T: What good is it, to feel like moving?
A: Less pain, more gain.
T: But I’m not in pain.
A: But at times you feel stiff and creaky, right?
T: Sometimes.
A: If we can get you moving, you’ll start feeling like a young colt again.
T: I am 29. I don’t have memories of feeling like a young colt.
A: Do you remember being in Iceland?
T: Yes I do. I had lots of room to run around, and I was with a big herd. I did enjoy the first few years of my life.
A: I can’t provide you with pasturage or a bigger herd. I’m compensating for this by taking you out for rides and doing body awareness work.
T: Thanks. I appreciate what you are doing. But I don’t see a need for it.
A: The past few days, have you felt better after our workout?
T: Come to think of it, I have.
A: So there.
T: I most enjoy it in the mornings when you open the gate and let me roam around the property.
A: And today you went up on the hill, which you have not done in a while.
T: The grass is getting harder to find.
A: And in a few days it’s supposed to snow.
T: Will you be putting my blanket back on me?
A: Yep.
T: So I take it you are going to keep working with me.
A: Yep. You are on a schedule now. I do body work with you and Raudi on one day, and then ride you both the next. And I alternate the same with Tyra and Hrimmi.
T: That explains it.
A: Explains what?
T: Why I’m now getting so much more attention.
A: A good thing, right?
T: Yes, I must admit, this is a good thing.

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