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January 3, 2018: The Horses’ Life: Tinni’s Acupressure Session

It was snowing lightly this morning, when I was pen cleaning. I got out a short time later, and it was snowing more heavily. Dr. Brooke Wilson had already pulled in to the driveway – she was here to do session #2, acupuncture with Tinni.

In the previous visit she did a series of acupuncture points. It was sort of a get-acquainted session for today. This was good because she and Tinni got to know one another. We started out at the hitching post, but then it began to snow rather heavily – wet, heavy snow that stuck to his coat, so we moved into the shelter area, where Tinni hangs out mainly at night.

Electroacupuncture wires on Tinni

I had my notes, charts, additional information. I was really prepared. And so was Pete – he gave me an assist with this project by formatting and checking the information. Brooke first examined Tinni, checked his heart rate and looked at his tongue. She said that his tongue was pale and that this is a sign of diminishing Chi. The means Tinni is getting older.

Brooke spent the next two hours inserting needles into the various meridian-related points. Tinni stopped eating for a bit – it was like he was deep in thought. Tyra stood on the far side of the gate and watched. Pete said this was because the others were eating, but I think she was really interested in watching what was going on. She’s that kind of a horse.

Brooke inserted most of the needles along the bladder meridian, which is located lengthwise to the spinous process, two lines, the lower one being focused on emotion. She was in doing this work giving a boast to his lung and liver systems. It interested me that she did not focus on the vision points – this was because she was attempting to treat some of the underlying problems.

Brooke next did electroacupuncture, using terminals that attached to the leads, or differing colored wires. And after all the wires were attached, she turned on the juice. This reminded me of the time I had to start the dead truck battery. Tinni was okay with this. There was some shoulder twitching in his right shoulder, but otherwise, no other discernable movement.

When done, Brooke unhooked the wires and removed the needles. I had been taking notes the entire time – and so after, when I came inside, I made a chart in which I listed the points and then drew the points onto a hand-drawn horse. This took me a few hours to do. Admittedly, I grew a bit impatient because I have been working on this project for some time. And I am not, as is Pete, a technical writer. I think that creative writers and technical writers use differing parts of their brain.

We are now waiting on getting Adequan, which should be arriving in the UPS on Thursday. This is a joint supplement. We’ll give it intramuscularly.

I feel good about what we are doing for Tinni. And I think he feels good about what we are doing for him. I just wish that we had done the same for Rainbow.

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