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October 21, 2018: Redefining What One Percent Means

I have my ups and downs and they are really extreme. At the upper and lowermost levels of up and down, I can hardly function. The ups – I am so enthused about being alive that I can’t get much done. The downs, I am so depressed about being alive that I can’t get much done. I know that drugs would enable me to remain at the middle of the continuum, but I would much rather find this state of being of my own accord.

Today, I’m spiraling upward at the speed of light. I feel like I’m mainlining espresso. For the record, I have never drank espresso, just seen the effect that this has on others. I encourage others to drink coffee because then they are upbeat and chatty.

ant carton from the New Yorker
Ant carton from the New Yorker

Where I am now, ¾ of the way up the barber pole, is just fine for now although should I go any more upward, I will have to call it a day.

It is somewhat of an ideas day. I’ve been mulling over the term “one percent.” It is generally used in talking about wealth. It’s been said that one percent of the people in our great nation have 35 percent of the wealth.

I am thinking that this term needs to be more broadly defined, and therefore should encompass quality of life. On my trip I noted that quality of life is on the decline – hence only a small number fit into this category.

I’m a one percenter, not economically but in other aspects of my life. I am eating very well these days. We had a very good garden year, so we have an ample supply of garden vegetables on hand. I have pretty much given up sugar and so I have more long-term energy. I have a loving, kind, and compassionate partner who seems to reside in an emotional middle ground. (I shudder to think what our lives would be like if he experienced, as I do, high highs and low lows.) I have a most amazing sister. I have few friends, but the ones I do have are intelligent, witty, and good conversationalists.

I have a college education, and this serves me in good stead in unexpected ways. I read more into what I read than I would have otherwise.

I don’t have children or grandchildren. We would have had to provide for them, and this would have required both Pete and me to have had full time jobs.

I have animals who comprise a peaceable kingdom. None are mean or vicious. Raudi can be pushy, but less so as time goes on. I live in a semi-rural, extremely quiet area. Most importantly, my days are my own. I determine what I will do on any given day. I’d be hard pressed to give this up.

I’d like it if more individuals fit into my more broad-based category, for this would then make the world a better place. I can’t change what is; rather, I can show by example how I am living the good life.

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